8 Best Movies About Super Cute Dogs

Thelongestfilm – Who doesn’t love movies about dogs? Movies like this are usually the most sought-after by families when the holidays arrive. Movies about dogs often feature different types of dogs as the main characters. In fact, the dogs shown are very cute and adorable!

Films with the theme of dogs usually have an interesting storyline, such as the friendship between dogs and humans. In fact, on average, films like that can touch the hearts of the audience and often make them cry.

So, if we previously recommended a film about friendship between dogs and humans, this time Bacaterus will discuss films about dogs that are very cute. What are you curious about?

1. Hotel for Dogs

This film tells the story of a group of young people working together to build a house into a dog hotel. The story begins with two orphans and their dog being chased by the police because they are accused of being thieves at a shop. They ran until they finally hid in an uninhabited house.

It was in the house that they found several abandoned dogs. From there, they had the idea to turn the house into a hotel with the intention of helping the dog.

This family comedy genre film adapted from Lois Duncan‘s 1971 novel. The American film, which released in 2009, liked by many audiences.

What’s interesting about this film is not only the storyline. The reason is that there are various types of dogs, and their cute behavior makes dog lovers really like this film.

This family comedy film also gives a positive message to the audience, namely, to love animals more, especially dogs. This film highly recommended for you dog fans!


Who doesn’t know this film? This animated film about dogs highly recommended to watch! The reason this film is very interesting is because the animation looks very funny. This Disney film, which released in 2008, appears in 3D animation that looks even cuter. Not only that, but even the story of this film packed in such an interesting way.

Bolt tells the story of a white puppy who made into a character in a TV series. In the role he plays, Bolt has superpowers, and he believes that in the real world he also has these powers. However, the big adventure he went through made him realize that he was just an ordinary dog who didn’t have any super powers at all.

3. 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians is a dog film most enjoyed by families. You know, this funny and entertaining film has never been shown on Indonesian televisionning film has never been shown on Indonesian television! Does anyone remember it? The most anticipated film because of the many adorable Dalmatians Not only that, but this film even has an interesting storyline.

Even though it included in an old film, this film still shown every holiday. The film, which produced in 1996, actually produced by Walt Disney Pictures. 101 Dalmatians is based on the novel of the same name. Before the film released, 101 Dalmatians had launched its animated film in 1961. Have you ever watched this film?

4. Lady and the Tramp

Furthermore, the legendary animated film produced by Disney, namely Lady and the Tramp, This 15th classic animated film is the first animation to use the widescreen CinemaScope feature. Lady and the Tramp also produced a second film in 2001.

Lady and the Tramp tells the story of two dogs who fall in love. The female dog named Lady, and the male named Tramp. This film rumored to be a live-action production by Disney and highly anticipated by Disney fans. One of the most popular scenes in this film is the spaghetti scene.

5. Underdog

The next film about cute dogs is Underdog. Underdog is a 1960 film adaptation of the comic with the same title. This film, which was produced in 2007 by Disney, touted as a film that will never be forgotten.

After mysterious research in the lab, an ordinary Beagle type dog changes drastically into one that can talk and has strength. From there, the dog becomes a superhero who helps solve problems in his city. With his red and blue costumes, the audience was even more excited.

6. Isle of dogs

This film is very interesting and not inferior to other dog films. The reason is that this film is a stop-motion animation, which makes the visuals look different. This film released in 2018 and has a background in Japan.

Tells the story of a teenager who is looking for his lost beloved dog on a different island. Previously, the Major who in the district had ordered to throw away and destroy all dogs in Japan because of a virus that is harmful to humans.

This story is very interesting because of the exciting storyline. This film, which is an adventure film with a duration of 101 minutes, played by top artists such as Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray, and Tilda Swinton.

7. Air Bud Series

This dog film will surely make you feel at home sitting down for a long time to watch. The reason is that this film tells the story of a golden retriever dog. This film has six sequels, from 1 to 6. This 6th series has a different title from Air Buddies.

Air Bud a film with a story about a dog named Buddy who can exercise and really loves his owner, Josh. Movies about this dog are always associated with sports. In fact, each series has a different type of sport.

In the first film in 1997, it tells about Josh’s initial meeting with Buddy. Here, the sport played is basketball.

The second film produced in 1998 and entitled Air Bud: The Golden Receiver. This film tells about Josh’s family and also interspersed with American football.

The third film produced in 2000 and entitled Air Bud: World Pup. This film tells about the marriage of Josh’s mother and Buddy’s love story. Buddy found his soulmate, and they finally had Buddy Junior. Football also mentioned here.

The fourth film, Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch, produced in 2002. This film tells the story of baseball wrapped in the story of Buddy Junior’s kidnapping and Josh’s departure.

The fifth film, entitled Air Bud: Spikes Back, produced in 2003. In this film, it tells about the separation of Andrea and Temmy; here, too, the background is beach volleyball. And next is Air Buddies, which produced in 2006. This film is more focused on buddy kids.

The film Air Bud successfully screened and received a positive response. The friendship between Buddy and Josh was much loved by the audience.

8. The Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Finally, my favorite dog film, The Beverly Hills Chihuahua As the title says, Chihuahuas are the type of dog that plays a role in this film. This very cute and adorable film manages to keep the audience’s hearts loyal to it.

The film, which produced in 2008, is a comedy-action genre production by Walt Disney Pictures. Tells of a Chihuahua dog named Chloe who kidnapped in Mexico and tries to escape. This film also has a sequel to the third series.

Those are the eight most exciting and funny dog movies to watch. Above-average films are produced by Walt Disney Pictures and are perfect for watching with the family on holidays!

So of all the films above, is there one that is your favorite? Or do you have other recommendations about Anji’s films?

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