9 Interesting Facts About the World’s Longest Movie

Thelongestfilm.com – The world’s longest movie. In 2020, the audience was stunned by the presence of a film called Ambiance. Ambiance is about space and time that are interconnected like real dreams that transcend boundaries. The film focuses on the lives of two artists on the Swedish coast.

The presence of this film itself has been a hot discussion because it is judged differently from the films already existing. Anders Weberg was deemed brave enough to present a rather absurd spectacle. What makes this film a highlight. Take a look at some of the interesting facts we have summarized about the film Ambiance in the article below. Here is his disappearance:

1. Record of longest duration (The world’s longest movie)

Ambiance is a documentary work that is said to be quite unique, even the only film in the world that surprised the audience. This is quite reasonable, given that the film has a fairly long screen time, even more than some long-term films that have been released in the world.

The film is known to have a duration of about 720 hours or about 30 days for a single screen. This makes Ambiance the longest-running film in the world, although it is not officially listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

2. Films by Anders Weberg

As an artist, Anders Weberg is a very respected person in the Swedish art community. The man, born in Stockholm in 1978, was educated at Uppsala University under Axel Hagerstrom. Weberg became a professor of theoretical philosophy at the University of Stockholm in 1949.

During his career, Weberg is said to have produced over 500 films and over a hundred music videos. Ambiance is the last film the 51-year-old director has made.

3. With 100 actors (The world’s longest movie)

Ambiance itself is said to have involved 100 actors in its creation process. The film, which has a rating of 5.3 on the IMDB website, has been named by several actors who have previously collaborated with the director in several projects that have been successfully worked on. Two actors involved in the experimental project include Niklas Hallberg and Stina Pehrsdotter.

Niklas himself is recorded as an actor named to have been involved in the film Hammarkullen (1997). Stina Pehrsdotter is an artist and curator who regularly works in a show, video, and photography.

4. Without sponsorship (The world’s longest movie)

Cost is one of the most important things in making a movie. Although the budget spent on a film production is quite large, it can sometimes not guarantee the success of the film in the market.

Some sources of cost used for filmmaking are usually in the form of cooperation with several parties, starting from private companies, BUMN, or ministries. The source of money used in the film Ambiance itself is said to come from the personal pocket of the director himself, Anders Weberg.

5. Films without dialogue

In movies there are usually some important elements that can make the movie look more alive. Some of these elements include filmography, dialogue, scoring, to special effects that make the film more interesting and not boring. However, there are also some films that are known almost without dialogue throughout the story.

Some of them even managed to get into the series of laris films. These films include Wall-E, Cast Away, A Quite Place, and Under the Skin. Ambiance itself adds a list of non-dialogue films that have been made by Sinai Films. What would the movie be like for 30 days, right?

6. Trailer for 72 hours

The trailer is a promotional form of a movie that will be released soon. Trailers generally show some information ranging from the clips of a scene in a film, information about the player, director, or film producer who produced the film.

The trailer itself is usually played only a few minutes. In addition to encouraging the audience to come to the cinema, the presence of the movie trailer can also make the audience curious about the story of the film. Just like its fairly long duration, Ambiance also has the same length of trailer.

It started in 2014, with the first trailer of the film lasting 72 minutes. The trailer was released in 2018 with a duration of 72 hours.

7. Getting a lot of reproaches

The reaction to the movie itself is quite different. However, most internet users are so distracted that they eventually trigger the appearance of censorship and cynical comments from the audience. They thought the Anders Weberg film was a meaningless show, ridiculous, even called very stupid.

Nevertheless, Weberg did not seem to be disturbed by the many arguments directed at his work. The director himself even picked up some of the bad comments he considered best from the YouTube and Reddit pages to share on the internet.

8. Destroyed after screening

Every artist sometimes does absurd things that people may not understand. The film was directed by Ambiance director Anderse Weberg. The director who managed to capture the attention of netizens around the world planned to destroy all copies of the film so that it could not be replayed.

There is no sure reason why it was done. However, as the full copyright holder of the film. What Weber did was right.

9. No cut and editing.

Before finally being shown in theaters, a movie has usually undergone a process of cutting and editing. The process is done to refine and make a movie show more effective and enjoyable to watch so that the message the director wants to deliver in the film can be easily accepted by the audience.

Unlike conventional movies, Ambiance is made without a cut and editing process. The director let the story flow through the whole film. Audiences will be provided with backsound music that is commonly used to help relax or meditate in a video show.

Here are 9 interesting facts behind the film Ambiance by Anders Weberg that we have successfully compiled for you. The 720-hour film is a worldwide concern.

As an artist, Anders Weberg was bold enough to present a unique spectacle, even considered crazy by the public. Are you interested in spending 30 days in front of the cinema? Leave a comment below, yes!

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