Lord of the Rings is Being Developed by Warner Bros

The Lord of the Rings franchise, and now CEO David Zaslav has revealed that “some” new films based on the Tolkien stories are in the process of being made.

Deadline also reported that the director of the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson, said that he and Tolkien’s team of writers were “consistently informed” about the new films.

While Amazon Studios is currently preparing for the second season of The Rings of Power, copyright holders Embracer Group revealed last year that they are ready to make more deals on Tolkien’s works.

It seems, as has been assumed, that Warner Bros. now wants to move forward with their franchise. In response to the announcement, Jackson, Walsh, and Boyes said in a statement:

“Warner Brothers and Embracer always provide us with the latest information on every step. We look forward to speaking further with them to hear their vision for the future of this franchise.”

With so many stories to tell, the real question many people ask is where exactly the new films will take place in relation to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

There are some important stories from Middle Earth that have never been adapted, but previous reports suggest that these new projects will most likely focus on the famous characters of The Lord of the Rings and develop this franchise in that way.

There are rumors about a film centered on Gandalf and one about Aragorn, which are two of them.

In the end, there was still a long way to go before the new films came into being, and that meant The Rings of Power was still Tolkien’s most prominent project today.

However, if we are going to get the Lord of the Rings project from another Peter Jackson, it would be very interesting to see which project would be the best.

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