Beautiful Disaster Cast and Synopsis You Must Watch ! – Beautiful Disaster Cast and Synopsis. Film Beautiful Disaster, which will released on April 12, 2023, starring actor Dylan Sprouse, is an adaptation of the novel but has received a lot of criticism because the character visuals don’t match.

Beautiful Disaster is an adaptation of the famous novel by Jamie Mcguire, which is a very best seller, but the readers are very disappointed because the visual characters don’t match. Check out the synopsis of the film that will released on April 12, 2023.

Beautiful Disaster is a film by director Roger Kumble, who also directed the film After We Collided. The following is a synopsis of the film, whose novel adaptation will released on April 12, 2023. The film has received a lot of criticism because the visual characters do not match those in the novel. Dylan Sprous will play Travis, while Virginia Gardner will play Abby.

When the trailer for the film Beautiful Disaster released, many netizens highlighted that Dylan Sprous and Virgina Gardner were not suitable for playing Travis and Abby’s characters.

Travis, in the novel, described as a macho badboy who famous for being messy, while Abby visualized as a beautiful woman who is a good girl.

Netizens think that Dylan Sprous is not too macho and Virginia Gardner is too lacking in a good girl image for the characters Travis and Abby, whose visuals are very well known by readers of Beautiful Disaster.

Beautiful Disaster Cast and Synopsis: Movie Storyline

Beautiful Disaster tells the story of a girl named Abby Abernathy, who known as a good girl; she doesn’t even drink alcohol or have a habit of swearing.

In addition, Abby really likes wearing cardigans, and she also believes that now she is safe from her terrible past. But when Abby enters the world of higher education with her best friend, she challenged by Walking One Night Stand East University.

Meanwhile, Travis Maddox is a young man full of tattoos, sloppy, and a bad boy who is on the list of men Abby should stay away from.

Travis also often spends his time in the boxing ring, and he known as one of the men that many college students have crushes on.

However, Abby not interested in Travius and rejects him. Travis, who rejected, felt curious and started chasing Abby to make crazy challenges.

If Abby loses this challenge, then Abby has to live with Travis in Travis’s apartment.

But who would have thought that the two of them would have a romance full of twists and turns that would unite them to become true lovers?

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