Review Cleopatra film, The Controversial – Review Cleopatra Film. Netflix just released the trailer for Queen Cleopatra. Unfortunately, the documentary series was controversial because Cleopatra was presented as a black woman. As a result, Netflix was accused by a number of people of falsifying history.

An online petition even appeared to cancel the series, which will air on May 10. For those of you who are curious about the synopsis and Queen Cleopatra’s cast, here is the complete information.

1. Synopsis and Review of Queen Cleopatra Film

As the title implies, Queen Cleopatra will present the audience with the life of the legendary figure in the form of a documentary series. However, the series, with four episodes, comes from a different perspective. Instead of focusing on the beauty and romance of the Queen of Ancient Egypt, this series will focus on her intelligence.

Cleopatra is known as the very beautiful Queen of the Kingdom of Egypt. But not only that, he is also a respected leader because he is smart, strong, and an expert in politics. In this documentary series, she will be shown as an educated woman and a queen who is willing to sacrifice to protect her country.

2. Player Queen Cleopatra

The series, with Jada Pinkett Smith as the executive producer, stars Adele James as Cleopatra. Here’s the full list of players:

  • Adele James as Cleopatra
  • John Partridge as Julius Caesar
  • Craig Russell as Mark Antony
  • Michael Greco as Pothinus
  • Jada Pinkett Smith as executive producer and narrator

3. Queen Cleopatra reaps controversy

Although not yet aired, Queen Cleopatra has reaped controversy. This is because the documentary series features a black Cleopatra, played by Adele James. This believed by the Egyptians to deviate from historical facts that show the queen was not black.

The online petition appears on the website and has collected more than 60 thousand signatures. The petition created by Egyptians who felt Egyptian history under Queen Cleopatra misrepresented. But for some reason, the petition has now been deleted.

Meanwhile, the Greek City Times page said that the dokumeter series was problematic because it promotes afrocentrism, in which the ideology supports African Americans as native Egyptians. The series also considered to offend Egyptians because they feel their identity has been stolen. Netflix has yet to release its response.

4. Facts about Queen Cleopatra

  • There Pinkett Smith involved as executive producer and narrator.
  • This series presents Queen Cleopatra from a different perspective, namely her intelligence.
  • Zahi Hawass, former Minister of Egypt for Antiquities, has criticized the series for spreading false information.
  • An online petition appeared to cancel the series.
  • A number of Egyptian netizens also spoke out on Twitter, criticizing the selection of black actresses for Cleopatra.

5. Showtimes

The Queen Cleopatra documentary series will released on May 10. In four episodes, the audience will presented with the figure of Cleopatra as the Queen of Ancient Egypt, who is not only beautiful but also intelligent and skilled at leading. You can watch it on Netflix.

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