Before Retirement, Watch Movies about Retirement First !

Movies about Retirement – It’s never too late for us to prepare for retirement. However, to have the right preparation, we at least need to learn in advance what usually happens when entering retirement. In general, a person experiences many changes when they reach that age, both physically, emotionally and financially. Therefore, we certainly need to take anticipatory steps so that retirement can faced with stability.

In this series of articles about films, Thelongestfilm will review several films that depict the changes that occur when someone enters retirement. From these films, we will learn how to be successful when preparing for a better retirement. What are these films?

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Movies about Retirement

1. Going in Style

Movies about Retirement

Going in Style a film about a heist dominated by humor elements (caper film) which released in 1979. This film stars George Burns (as Joe), Art Carney (as Al), Lee Strasberg (as Willie) and Charles Hallahan (as Pete).

Joe, Al and Willie are three retirees who live together in a small apartment in Brooklyn, New York City, United States. They live a monotonous life like sitting on park benches, reading newspapers and feeding pigeons – relying on the social security funds they receive every month.

Breaking the routine, Joe suggests to Al and Willie that they rob a bank. Al and Willie agreed to this proposal and the three of them then robbed a bank in the Manhattan area, still in the same city. The lesson that can learned from this film that we should not only plan our financial condition when we retire, but also prepare the activities we will carry out. For example, we can start to set up a business as a side job for now and to fill our free time in old age.

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2. The Bucket List

Movies about Retirement

The Bucket List an American comedy drama film released in 2007. This film stars Jack Nicholson (as Edward Cole) and Morgan Freeman (as Carter Chambers). This film tells the story of Edward and Carter–both diagnosed with deadly lung cancer–who try to fulfill their wishes before they die. Some of these targets are parachuting, visiting the Taj Mahal in India and riding a motorbike on the Great Wall of China.

The lesson that can learned from this film that we need to pursue our dreams, even when we reach retirement age. However, we need protection in the form of insurance so that the costs of treating terminal illnesses that require large amounts of money (for example, cancer) do not burden our financial condition in old age. Apart from that, we need investment from a young age to travel around the world (as told in this film).

3. The Straight Story

Movies about Retirement

Based on a true story, this biographical drama film, released in 1999, tells the story of a World War II veteran, Alvin Straight (played by Richard Farnsworth), who lives with his daughter, Rose (played by Sissy Spacek), who mentally disturbed. When Alvin receives news that his brother Lyle (played by Harry Dean Stanton) has had a stroke, Alvin intends to visit him. However, Alvin’s weak legs and eyesight prevented him from getting a driving license. Therefore, Alvin decided to travel 240 miles (approximately 386 km) using a lawn mower.

The lesson that can be learned from this film that we must consider other factors, such as the location of where family members live, into pension funds. This way, we have ready funds to pay for travel to where sick family members live.

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4. Movies about Retirement: The Artist

Movies about Retirement

The Artist is a romantic comedy drama silent film from France with a black and white appearance, which was released in 2011. This film, set between 1927 and 1932, tells the story of the relationship of a senior silent film star named George Valentin (played by Jean Dujardin) who is forced to early retirement with the advent of sound film technology.

On the other hand, Valentin falls in love with a newcomer named Peppy Miller (played by Bérénice Bejo) whose career is taking off quickly through her role in sound films. Because of these changes in the film industry, Valentin lost his job and slowly went bankrupt.

The lesson that can be learned from this film is that no one knows for sure what will happen to the industry in which someone works. Therefore, preparation for retirement should start immediately from when someone already has income from their first job.