Top 3 Movies Like Talk to Me Recommendation on Netflix

Movies Like Talk to Me – A24 has revealed that directors Danny and Michael Philippou will return to work on a sequel to the critically acclaimed film Talk to Me. Which is now enjoying great success in theaters. For those who haven’t seen it yet, the movie centers on young Mia and her pals as they use a mystical embalmed hand to connect with the dead. Which inevitably results in unfathomable horrors. While waiting for the release of the sequel. Viewers may kill time by watching these three comparable films that are now streaming on Netflix.

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Movies like Talk to Me Reccomendation

1. The Ring (2002)

Movies like Talk to Me

Similar to how Talk to Me originated in New Zealand. The well-known Japanese film Ringu served as the inspiration for Gore Verbinski’s contemporary horror masterpiece. This American remake centers on a journalist who. After watching a purportedly cursed film that kills viewers after seven days, looks into the murder of her little niece. However, the journalist finds herself the subject of the curse.

Despite having a vastly different concept from Talk to Me, the movie does show what happens when humans explore a deadly supernatural power that appears on Samara’s VHS tape too much. The Ring, a horror film from A24. Tackles the perils of contemporary technology as Samara’s spirit torments and isolates her victims through the mesmerizing glow of a TV screen, while also addressing people’s isolating attachment to their cellphones.

2. Lights Out (2016)

Movies like Talk to Me

In the first full-length feature film from filmmaker David F. Sandberg, a terrible ghost that only manifests in the dark pursues despondent Sophie and her two kids. Lights Out, a horror film based on the viral short film of the same name, exploits the audience’s dread of the dark to create a fresh and creative experience that addresses mental health concerns.

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Diana, the ethereal adversary, represents this idea in the film. Like the bad spirits that torture Mia by chasing away her loved ones, Diana will stop at nothing to destroy Sophie’s psyche and be with her forever. Even though the overall theme of both movies is the damaging and isolating consequences of sadness, they also feature gripping ghost stories that will compel any spectator to go to bed with the lights on.

3. Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

Movies like Talk to Me

Seldom does a prequel outperform the narrative on which it is based. A fraudulent medium really calls forth a demonic entity that possesses her little daughter Doris. After she buys a Ouija board for her enterprise. In the same way as Mike Flanagan’s precursor Talk to Me demonstrates how its youthful cast plays around with the paranormal, this film establishes that the occult is real.

In a similar vein, the latter picture goes far in depicting the Zander family’s decline at the hands of an absolutely unimaginably horrible force. Ouija: Origin of Evil demonstrates simultaneously how sorrow can lead someone down a path towards self-destruction, as Doris meets her demise while trying to communicate with her deceased father, akin to Mia’s desire to communicate with her mother’s ghost.