Best 8 Movies Like Sharper Recommendation You Should Watch

Movies Like Sharper. There are a lot of movies and TV shows of this genre made every year, and there are many commonalities among them. These movies are a wonderful place to start if you’re yearning for more of Sharper’s action because the world of con artists is full with possibilities.

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1. ‘The Grifters’ (1990)

The Grifters centers on Roy (John Cusack), a con artist who must choose between supporting his new girlfriend and his mother, who works for a bookmaker and makes bets to skew the odds at the racetrack. His mother appears and wrecks both his and her career when he is brought to the hospital after an unsuccessful swindle and the attendant beating.

1. 'The Grifters' (1990)

The Grifters will probably win over a sizable portion of viewers who preferred Sharper’s non-linear storytelling. The film is a slick, intelligent neo-noir criminal drama with three superb lead performances that performs significantly better than its literary predecessor.

2. Movies Like Sharper: ‘Confidence’ (2003)

Jake Vig (Edward Burns), a brilliant con artist who devises a scheme to get revenge for the death of his friend, is the main character in Confidence. Sadly, his last scheme fails despite his expertise and experience, so he must now make a ruthless mafia lord whole before being devoured by his terrifying henchman.

2. Movies Like Sharper: 'Confidence' (2003)

Fans of Sharper should add Confidence to their watchlist if their attention drawn to the portrayal of con artists’ hasty reasoning in Sharper. The film, which toes the lines between hardcore and lighthearted, turns out to be a quick-paced, entertaining adventure. Additionally, Confidence features performances that are confident thanks to Dustin Hoffman’s leadership of the cast.

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3. ‘The Brothers Bloom’ (2008)

They, The Bloom centers on the titular Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody duo, who were abandoned as children and began performing confidence games. After 25 years, the brothers rose to prominence as the world’s most successful con artists. Now that they’ve decided to take on one more task, they want to give a beautiful and eccentric heiress the time of her life by taking her on a romantic voyage that crosses the entire world.

3. 'The Brothers Bloom' (2008)

Sharper fans may be familiar with the plot because the powerful individuals in The Brothers Bloom are also the main target of the con. Rian Johnson, who directed Knives Out, oversaw the production, so it is still pretty clever and unique. The movie has a lovely nostalgic vibe even though it set in the present.

4. ‘The Swindlers’ (2017)

In the opening scene of the South Korean crime action movie The Swindlers, a con guy who had charged with grand fraud apparently still alive despite considered dead. When the man’s accomplice, prosecutor Park (Yoo Ji-Tae), needs to get rid of him to stop a corruption scandal, she runs with another fraudster who has the same objective. They decide to work together as a result, although each has other goals in mind.

4. 'The Swindlers' (2017)

The mind-bending action in the Jang Chang-won movie will keep the audience enthralled to the screen. The movie, unlike Sharper, employs a fresh genre strategy and turns the tables on the criminal, but fans of the most recent Apple TV+ thriller will unmistakably be reminded of it by the pacing and atmosphere.

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5. Movies Like Sharper: ‘Imposters’ (2017-2018)

Imposters centered on a shadowy figure known only as “The Doctor” (Ray Proscia), who employs con artist teams in many cities, including Maddie Jonson (Inbar Lavi). Their plan is to snoop into the lives of their targets and manipulate them into falling in love with Maddie. They promptly steal all of their possessions once they get married.

Movies Like Sharper

Although the premise of Imposters is extremely similar to Madeline’s con in Sharper (Julianne Moore), there will be more episodes for fans to enjoy. The program also strikes the perfect blend between serious comedy, dramatic tension, fascinating characters, and unexpected turns.

6. ‘I Care A Lot’ (2020)

In the drama I Care a Lot, Rosamund Pike plays a con artist who is a court-appointed guardian and seizes the assets of elderly people who are in danger, including the mother of a violent mobster (Peter Dinklage).

Movies Like Sharper

Fans of strong female con artists like those in Sharper as well as their intriguing male rivals should definitely check out the film. I Care a Lot is unique and wildly unconventional. Pike anchors the entire absurd situation with astonishing control and dedication, and it has a devilishly delicious way of blending scathing social satire with severe black comedy.

7. ‘Inventing Anna’ (2022)

The Netflix original series Inventing Anna follows the titular character, played by Julia Garner, as she connives her way into New York’s upper-class society. It inspired by the life story of Anna Sorokin and the New York Magazine piece titled “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People” by Jessica Pressler.

Movies Like Sharper

Netflix’s 2022 miniseries will undoubtedly bring back memories of high stakes con and the harsh world of the affluent in New York for Sharper fans. The story of the con is ugly and frightening, leaving viewers wondering until the very end. Garner’s performance is also a great joy to watch, and her accent is exactly as dazzling as one might expect.

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8. Movies Like Sharper: ‘The Dropout’ (2022)

Based on the ABC Audio podcast of the same name, The Dropout is a miniseries that charts the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes (played by Amanda Seyfried) and her business, Theranos. The program follows the sequence of occasions that most likely led to Holmes’ fabrications and lies, starting with her adolescence and concluding with her admission that she was a liar.

Movies Like Sharper

The sad tale of Holmes and Theranos in The Dropout revealed Silicon Valley’s exploitation of virtue and showed how evil people can make for intriguing protagonists. Seyfried humanizes Holmes and expresses pity for her. Even while she occasionally receives public support, the performance finally exposes her shortcomings.