7 Recommended 21+ Western Movies for Adults on Netflix

Thelongestfilm.com – 21+ Western Movies. The film 21 Plus is suitable for viewing by married couples to strengthen their marriage relationship. Moreover, now there are many recommendations for adult (21+) western films that can be streamed via Netflix.

There are various types of hot films or 21+” films that are especially watched if you are old enough. Because there are lots of super hot and vulgar scenes in 21+ movies. If you are a fan of western films, there are recommendations for 21-plus western films specifically for adults that are quite popular.

In fact, a number of recommendations were made for adult (21+) western films starring well-known stars. Like the recommendation for the 21-plus adult special Western film below, you can watch it via Netflix. This film is a must-watch for couples looking to increase their romance with their partner. Are you curious about the recommendations for adult (21+) western films on Netflix? Let’s check here.


The recommendation for 21+ adult western films that can be streamed via Netflix is THE NEXT 365 DAYS. This western film is a sequel to the previous film, which was released in 2022. The cast of THE NEXT 365 DAYS is still the same as the previous cast that told the love story of Laura Biel and Don Massimo Torricelli.

21+ western movies

A brief synopsis of THE NEXT 365 DAYS tells the story of Laura and Massimo, who are trying to rebuild their relationship after being torn apart due to a misunderstanding. At the same time, before Massimo saw Laura running away with Nacho, This is where various conflicts began to occur between the two, which actually opened up other facts, including Laura’s miscarriage. A big fight ensued, making Laura choose to focus on her career in modeling.

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This is where he met Nacho and re-established closeness with him. Unexpectedly, Laura’s feelings for Nacho develop rapidly until a hot scene occurs on the beach. Will Laura return to Massimo, or will she choose Nacho instead? Find the answers through the Netflix channel.


The next 21+ western film recommendation is NEWNESS. This western film was released in 2017, which raised the drama and romance genres. No less interesting and hotter than the previous film, “Newness” tells the story of a young couple who meet through a dating application.

21+ western movies

But the romance story between Martin Hallock and Gabriella, or Gabi Silva, At first, they were just friends for one night, but their friendship turned into a deep love that made them live together. Even though they were fine at first, they couldn’t avoid a number of fights.

The two finally agreed to give each other the freedom to have a relationship with anyone. At the same time, there are hot and erotic scenes presented in the film NEWNESS between Gabi, Martin, and Larry.


SEX/LIFE also includes recommendations for 21-plus western films specifically for adults, but in the drama or serial genre. This western film raises the comedy, drama, and romance genres, which are peppered with super hot sensual scenes. There are nine episodes of SEX/LIFE telling the story of Billie Connelly’s married life with her husband.

21+ western movies

Where are Billie’s feelings when her former lover comes back? At the same time, Billie felt that her life was colorless after she got married. He also recalled his hot relationship with his former ex and compared it to his current partner.

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The next 21+ western film recommendation is White Girl. This film is also quite popular with fans of hot and erotic films. Meanwhile, White Girl raises the drama and crime genres, filled with erotica and sensual scenes.

21+ western movies

Synopsis WHITE GIRL tells about the love story of Leah and Blue. When they are both happily having a romantic relationship, Blue is arrested by the police. Leah then helps him get out of prison in various ways.


The next 21+ adult film recommendation for adults is SLIVER. This western film was first released in 1993.Even though it was released quite a long time ago, this film is still very exciting to watch now. The story focuses on Carly Norris, a book editor.

21+ western movies

After moving into the apartment, he meets several other tenants, namely Zeke, Vida, and Jack. However, an incident had an impact on his life, including the incident of murder due to voyeurism and his resemblance to the figure of Naomi Singer, a tenant who died from a fall. At the same time, Carly forms a close relationship with one of the apartment residents. This film is quite in demand because it features a star who often plays super hot scenes.


The next 21+ western movies recommendation is FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY. This western film is so popular because it is super hot and erotic. Released in 2015, FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY raised the romance, drama, and thriller genres. Because of its success, the film FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY managed to earn a high income, reaching 571 million USD.


Meanwhile, the FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY synopsis tells the story of Christian Gray and Anastasia. The two are involved in a romantic but hot relationship. In fact, there are lots of super vulgar scenes between Christian and Anastasia that are suitable for couples to watch.

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THE LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER is also included in the list of recommended 21+ western movies for adults that can be watched via Netflix. Meanwhile, this film raises the genres of drama and romance with a really interesting story.


The synopsis highlights the super-hot love story between a gardener and a noblewoman named Lady Constance Chatterley. He actually has a husband who married without love. Until one day, she discovered the fact that her husband was back, but his situation was not like before. Yes, Clifford Chatterley must be in a wheelchair. At the same time, Lady meets another man who secretly has a crush on her. A hot romance occurs between the Lady and a figure named Olliver Mellors. One of the hot scenes is in the iconic meadow area.