Best Film About Polygamy Recommendation You Should Watch !

Film About PolygamyPolygamy is a fairly sensitive discussion in the social sphere of the family. But that doesn’t mean this practice doesn’t exist, because quite a lot of people practice polygamy.

Film About Polygamy

1. Keep Sweet: Sweet, Pray and Obey

This documentary tells the story of Warren Jeffs, the leader of the FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) sect who practiced extreme polygamy and underage marriage. Warren Jeff is a cult leader who increasingly believes that the more wives and more children, the higher a man’s status. Jeff rose to power following the death of his father, Rulon Jeffs (Martin Landau). Within days of his father’s death, Jeff married all of his father’s wives.

Keep Sweet: Sweet, Pray and Obey

He always uses the reason of revelation to make people around him believe and obey. His followers believe that Jeff a prophet chosen by God himself.

Jeff then isolated his sect from information from the outside world, Warren also used many manipulation tactics, lies, and even built a large, closed castle. Warren called his castle a real form of “heaven on earth.” Later he transformed into a dictatorial leader who demanded that women in the sect be completely submissive to men. Jeffs’ cruel actions were finally discovered by the FBI, which received a report that Jeffs involved in various acts of sexual violence and rape.

Jeff also wanted by the FBI on suspicion of orchestrating illegal marriage arrangements involving underage girls. Jeff finally arrested by the FBI after being hunted for a year.

2. Escape from Polygamy

Escape from Polygamy

This film tells the story of a couple, Ryder and Julina, who are falling in love. Unfortunately, they live in a fanatical community that adheres to the extreme practice of polygamy, led by a charismatic figure named Ervil, Ryder’s father. This community believes that Ryder’s love for Juliana is contrary to the beliefs held by the community. Ryder and Juliana’s love relationship became more complicated when Ervil testified that God had chosen Julina to be his wife. Ryder and Juliana try to find a way out and escape from this community forever.

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3. Kuma

Film About Polygamy

This film tells the story of a woman Asye who was deceived when she married. Everyone believed that she would marry a man named Hasan and would live in their new home in Vienna, Austria,. But in reality, Ayse left Turkey to become the second wife of Mustafa, Hasan’s father, in Vienna. The naive Ayse accepts her fate and even forms a close friendship with Fatma, his first wife. With Fatma dying of cancer, Ayse must take over her marital duties.

A very special friendship emerged between the two women based on total trust. But this relationship will questioned when the family has to face the blows of fate.

4. In God’s Country

Film About Polygamy

This Canadian television film tells the story of Judith Leavitt, a woman who lives in a fundamentalist Mormon sect that still practices polygamy. Judith rebels against the repressive rules of polygamy in her community to protect her teenage daughter, Alice Leavitt, from being married off to an older man. Judith then burned her house and fled with her five children. Leave the community

Being cut off from the community and environment that raised them made Judith and her children haunted by feelings of loneliness and a feeling of not being ready to handle the challenges they faced. But he got up and was determined to build a better life.

5. The 19 Wife

Film About Polygamy

This film adapts the story of a best-selling novel by David Ebershoff. The story is about BeckyLyn Scott facing charges and being faced with a pile of evidence that shows she killed her husband Sawyer Scott. BeckyLyn herself is the nineteenth wife of Sawyer Scott. Sawyer Scott’s other wife Queenie decides to take a risk to help BeckyLyn. She calls BeckyLyn’s estranged son Jordan (Matt Czuchry) home to help her clear her mother’s name.

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6. Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon

Film About Polygamy

This film tells the story of a man Kumar using three identities Shiv, Ram and Kishan. He marries three women Juhi, Simran and Anja who live in the same apartment building. Juhi, Simran and Anjali are completely unaware that they have the same husband. The plot becomes more complicated with the entry of Deepika, the girl Kumar really loves. Kumar plans to marry Deepika too because he is afraid of losing her. Complications increase when Juhi, Simran and Anjali apparently attend Kumar’s wedding reception with Deepika.

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