Best Films about Stock-Themed like the Wolf of Wall Street

Films like the Wolf of the Street – Learning can done anywhere and through anything, including through films. Learning through films fun because you won’t get bored. There are stories, drama and also comedy to spice it up. You will get entertainment and knowledge at the same time.

Learning about stocks through films? Certainly can. Apart from YouTube, you can also learn trading through the following stock-themed films, you know. Of course, you won’t be good at it right away. However, at least you will understand how trading works and the lives of people who like buying and selling shares.

The film The Wolf of Wall Street tells the true story of a stockbroker named Jordan Belfort who worked for L.F. Rothschild. At that company, Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) gained a lot of knowledge about how to become an expert stockbroker.

Unfortunately, Jordan Belfort actually used this skill to commit fraud. He used the proceeds from the fraud to live a wild lifestyle that landed him in prison for three years. After his release, Jordan Belfort became a speaker about sales techniques that inspired many people.

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Films like the Wolf of the Street

1. Wall Street (1987)

This film, which set on Wall Street in 1987, tells the story of a stockbroker full of ambition named Bud Fox. He really admires Gordon Gekko, a businessman and senior player on Wall Street. Bud Fox is willing to do anything to achieve his desires, including approaching Gekko by offering shares which the businessman then refuses.

Still trying, Bud then offers “secret information” regarding an airline until Gekko finally buys it. However, all the shares that Gekko bought were lost in vain because their value fell. Gekko then tells Bud to spy on British investor Sir Lawrence Wildman and find out what his next move will be.

However, Bud felt that Gekko’s actions were too much so he turned to trap Gekko. This stock film is full of betrayal drama and is suitable for those of you who like watching lots of plot twists.

2. The Big Short (2015)

Adapted from the nonfiction book by Michael Lewis, The Big Short tells the story of four financial experts who research instability in the housing market in the United States. They examined the collapse around the 2000s, which became known as the subprime mortgage crisis.

In the crisis, interest rates rose and caused house prices to plummet, causing borrowers to default. The results of research by financial experts show that there are many deficiencies and corruption in the system that have a big influence on this crisis.

3. American Psycho (2000)

Slightly different from previous stock films, American Psycho is a thriller-mystery genre film that tells the story of a successful banker named Patrick Bateman. However, Patrick Bateman has another side, namely a very dangerous serial killer.

Even though this film predominantly tells the story of the murder committed by Bateman, there is also a depiction of the upper class life of the elite that we don’t know about. American Psycho is interesting to watch for those of you who want to know what the lives of people who work in the fields of investment and finance are like.

4. Films like the Wolf of the Street: Boiler Room (2000)

This film is a true story just like The Wolf of Wall Street. If The Wolf of Wall Street tells the story from the perspective of the perpetrator, aka Jordan Belfort, Boiler Room takes the perspective of other stock brokers, such as interviews with people, events in court, and public information released after Jordan Belfort’s company convicted.

Boiler Room tells the story of a student who turns into a broker at an investment company and manages to reach the pinnacle of success in a short time. However, this only temporary because the student actually trapped in a system full of corruption and greed.

This film, starring Giovanni Ribisi, also provides reminders and warnings for those who want to get involved in the investment business. Because, this film has a message to remain transparent and adhere to the adage, “if something is too impossible to be true, it means it is.”

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