Top 5 Movies About Caves Recommendation You Should Watch

Movies About Caves – Are you a fan of challenging and courage-testing films? Do you like films that set in dark, quiet and somewhat cramped places? If so, this series of films guaranteed to spoil you. For those of you who don’t have a history of nyctophobia, aka excessive fear of the dark, or claustrophobia, aka fear of narrow spaces, you can really watch these films on the weekend.

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Movies About Caves

1. The Descent (2005)

First, there is the 2005 film The Descent which set in a cave. The Descent, which a horror thriller genre, directed by Neil Marshall and stars Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza, Alex Reid, Saskia Mulder, and others. The Descent generally tells the story of six women who travel to enter a cave in a mountain. In the cave, they encountered various obstacles, including confronted by scary alien creatures in the interior of the cave.

2. The Cave (2005)

Next, there The Cave which released in the same year as The Descent. This film, made by director Burce Hunt, has a horror thriller genre and features Cole Hauser, Morris Chestnut, Eddie Cibrian, and Rick Ravanello as players. The Cave follows the story of a group of researchers who accidentally get trapped in an underwater cave. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they were trapped by a bloodthirsty cave-dwelling monster.

3. The Descent 2 (2009)

In The Descent 2, Sarah Carter (Shauna Macdonald), who survived the massacre in the cave, forced to return to the cave and face danger. All because the authorities didn’t believe his stories about monsters and everything that happened in the cave. The Descent 2 was released to the public in 2009, exactly four years after the first film released. This sequel, directed by John Harris, is no less scary than the first film, you know!

4. In Darkness We Fall (2014)

In Darkness We Fall (La cueva) is a found footage type film that focuses on five friends vacationing on an island. While on holiday, they accidentally found the entrance to a secret cave. Without a plan, they decided to go down the cave and started to lose their way. First released in 2014, this Spanish film set in a cave directed by Alfredo Montero. This film has Marta Castellote, Xoel Fernández, Eva García-Vacas, and several other talented actors as actors.

5. As Above, So Below (2014)

Finally, there a film entitled As Above, So Below. This film tells the story of Scarlett (Perdita Weeks) and several friends who go to explore the underground cemetery, aka the Catacombs, in Paris, France. Intending to explore the Catacombs in search of the philosopher’s stone, they were faced with a number of terrible obstacles.

With a horror thriller genre, this 2014 film is very exciting and has an interesting plot twist. This film was directed by John Erick Dowdle and distributed by Universal Studios.

The five films set in caves above are really worth adding to your watch list. However, if you are someone who has an excessive fear of the dark and narrow spaces, you should avoid watching the five films above, okay?

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