Best Movies Like Arrival Recommendation

Movies Like Arrival Recommendation – Watching films is almost everyone’s favorite activity when the weekend arrives. Exciting films are available in various genres, one of which is sci fi. Sci fi films are an abbreviation of science fiction which often take elements of technological development as the core of the story. One of the sci fi films in question is Arrival.

Tells the story of Louise Banks, a linguistics expert who is assigned to find a way to communicate with extraterrestrials. Where, the arrival of these aliens was marked by the landing of a gray, oval-shaped plane in 13 locations, including the United States. Reportedly, this film is adapted from the novel “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang. Are you curious about the best films like Arrival that are worth recommending? Come on, see the explanation below!

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Movies Like Arrival Recommendation

1. Oblivion

The first film similar to Arrival that is recommended is Oblivion. This film tells the story of the battle between humans and an alien race called Scarvs. As a result of this battle, all of humanity was obliged to move to the planet Titan. Meanwhile, two technicians named Jack and Victoria are sent to repair all the drones, planes and robots damaged by the war. This film is played by famous actors named Tom Cruise and Andrea Riseborough.

2. Interstellar

As the name suggests, this sci fi film tells the story of interstellar or interstellar travel carried out by humans. Where, the goal is to find a new habitable planet for the further survival of humanity. In this film, a team of astronauts travels the solar system through a newly discovered wormhole. Apart from that, the film Interstellar also carries many philosophical and physical theories about the universe.

3. Inception

Unlike most Sci Fi films, the film Inception has a theme of espionage. This film tells the story of Dom Cobb, a thief who carried out his actions while the victim was dreaming. What makes it different from espionage films in general is the use of special effects and special technology to create the illusion of a dream space. This film was directed by Christopher Nolan with the main character Leonardo DiCaprio.

4. The Matrix

Even though it is an old film, The Matrix still deserves to be one of the best Science Fiction films to watch with the family. In the form of a film trilogy, The Matrix tells the adventures of a programmer named Thomas A. Anderson who doubles as Neo, a hacker. In this film, Neo has a mission to deal with computer programs that can harm humanity. The film The Matrix is filled with special effects which add to the exciting impression of the storyline.

5. Blade Runner

Then there is also a Sci Fi film entitled Blade Runner. Where, this film is set in 2019 and this era is dominated by the presence of Replicants, human-like Androids created by the Tyrell Corporation. The issue of this film is marked by the Replicant rebellion outside the earth. Therefore, Replicants are illegal on Earth. The presence of the Blade Runner unit is assigned to destroy every existing Replicant unit. This film also has a new sequel entitled Blade Runner 2049.

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