8 Best Movies Recommendation Like the Avatar

Thelongestfilm.comMovies Like the Avatar. Avatar: The Way of Water has opened our eyes to many new things. In addition to the natural beauty of Pandora’s fantasy world, we are also reminded again about the obligation to preserve the environment and the cruelty of colonialism in various forms.

The moral message to maintain integrity, safety, and family togetherness also highlighted in this film. Besides Neytiri, we also introduced to another female knight from the Na’vi nation, namely Ronal.

It also shows the diversity of tribes that live in other parts of Pandora, which will likely continue to grow as the Avatar saga goes forward.

Quite a lot of other films also have similar elements. Some of the following films are the closest and most relevant to this film by James Cameron. Come on, let’s immediately find out which movies like to Avatar: The Way of Water!

1. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Released a month before Avatar: The Way of Water, there are many similarities between the two films. The Talokan nation, led by Namor, lives under the ocean. They feel disturbed by humans looking for vibranium in their territory.

Namor himself has a dark past with the colonial Europeans in his area, who are considered responsible for the death of his beloved mother.

No different from the Na’vi nation They have a natural resource that humans want to extract, namely Unobtanium. This film also shows the Metkayina tribe, who live in the ocean and are friends with many sea creatures, such as the Tulkun.

Not only for Unobtanium, humans also hunt Tulkun to get its brain fluid, called Amrita. This liquid is able to make humans live longer. There is still the possibility of finding other natural resources on Pandora in the next few films.

2. Life of Pi

Floating in the sea is not a life choice that Pi wants to make. Especially if there’s a tiger riding in the small lifeboat. However, day after day, they passed together. The storm they face and the beauty of the sea they enjoy together Until finally, they arrived safely on land.

This film by Ang Lee has perfect beauty. Marine life that glows in the middle of the night is very beautiful, and we have never seen it before. So it’s only natural that the film adaptation of Yann Martel’s novel won an Oscar in the Best Cinematography category.

Similar elements are also displayed in the film Avatar: The Way of Water, which shows the beauty of the underwater world of Pandora. This beauty has never occurred to us and will amaze us with James Cameron’s imagination in creating the various marine biota featured in the film.

3. Movies Like The Avatar : Dune

Dune is an epic story full of philosophy. The various races presented and the various planets with different climates and topography are the hallmarks of this film by Denis Villeneuve. This element is also what Dune has in common with Avatar: The Way of Water.

On Pandora, although they are fellow Na’vi, the Omaticaya and Metkayina tribes have slightly different physical characteristics. In addition, their way of life is also very different.

Of course, the epic impression is also presented in this film, even though there is no battle as fierce as in the first film. Even though it doesn’t have a philosophy as heavy as Dune’s, Avatar also has a pretty strong philosophy about the meaning of life. And these two films will continue to explore stories, territories, and characters in several sequels that have been planned.

4. Movies Like The Avatar : Waterworld

Water is the element that dominates the visualization throughout this film starring Kevin Costner. The difference is that this water world is on earth after the event of rising sea water, which covered most of the land. This means that humanity has to adapt to life on the water to survive.

A small number of them are mutated by having body parts that are useful for living in water, such as the gills behind the ears that The Mariner has.

It is not easy to be able to adapt to changes in the environment. This is felt by humanity in the film Waterworld and by Jake’s family in the film Avatar: The Way of Water.

A slightly different physical form characterizes people who live in the ocean. This can be seen in the physical form of The Mariner and also in the members of the Metkayina tribe, who are skilled swimmers and divers.

5. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Avatar saga share similarities in the adventure genre on an epic scale. In The Lord of the Rings, various nations band together to fight evil. Not only humans, but also Hobbits, Dwarves, and Elves, are fighting alongside them.

This diversity also highlighted in the Avatar saga. In this second film, we are introduced to the Metkayina tribe after being introduced to the Omaticaya tribe in the first film.

In the novel adaptation trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien, the peak of the big battle occurred in his third film, namely The Return of the King. Of course, this war takes place after the protagonists go through an adventure full of twists and turns, just like what happened to Jake and his family.

At the end of Avatar: The Way of Water, they choose to leave the Metkayina tribe elsewhere. Jake’s adventures are not over. And we also hope that in the last film there will also be a big war like the one presented in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

6. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

In the 28th century, humanity has lived side by side with extraterrestrial beings of various forms from many planets in the universe. They live in a space station, which is also the center of government and military power.

However, when a dark force threatens their universe, Valerian and Laureline of the United Human Federation begin to track it down.

The depiction of the universe with various types of planets and their unique inhabitants in the film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is more or less similar to the film Avatar (2009). We will be amazed by the magnificent visualization in this film, especially with the beautiful colors of the planet and its creatures.

7. Movies Like The Avatar : Oblivion

In the year 2077, the earth is nothing but useless rubble after mankind detonated a nuke to annihilate an alien nation that was trying to invade. Most of the humans moved to other planets and made colonies there.

Jack Harper, a technician, returns to earth to look for objects that might still be useful but instead gets stuck in a love story with a survivor.

The situation facing humanity in the film Oblivion is almost similar to that in the film Avatar (2009). They have run out of natural resources and moved to another planet to establish a new colony. If in the film Avatar we are not shown how the condition of the earth will be after the human race leaves it, then we can imagine it after witnessing its depiction in the film Oblivion.

8. Movies Like The Avatar : The Woman King

Defending the homeland from undermining foreign nations that want to drain natural resources by means of colonization is the same story in the Avatar saga and the film The Woman King.

In the 1820s, Europeans explored and colonized Africa. Not only do they drain their natural resources, but they also make their inhabitants slaves who traded in Europe.

However, the Dahomey Kingdom has a special troop consisting of female knights, namely Agojie. Not only did they resolve inter-tribal disputes, but they also ended up fighting European imperialism. Even with simple weaponry, they were quite successful in bothering the invaders. Just like what the Na’vi did in defending Pandora.

Those are eight films that have similarities with Avatar: The Way of Water. This Avatar saga still has a long story, at least up to three more films. The actions of human colonization of the Na’vi nation by starting to create military-based colonies will revealed more deeply in the next story.

And the resistance of the various tribes among the people who inhabit Pandora will also continue to defend their homeland. While waiting for the next Avatar film, there’s nothing wrong with watching the series of films above to further embed the essence of the story and emotions from the Avatar saga, which we will witness next. Enjoy watching!

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