Best Movies Like Now You See Me Recommendation

Movies Like Now You See Me – If we watch a magic show on television, we will definitely be entertained by the magician’s skills. It’s a different story if we watch a film about magic, there are more things to enjoy besides the magic tricks themselves. There is drama, conflict, or background that we don’t get from ordinary magic shows.

Even though there aren’t many, there are films about magic. Apart from Now You See Me, which is the most famous film about magic, there are still other titles. If you don’t know, here is a recommendation for a film like Now You See Me.

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Movies Like Now You See Me

1. The Prestige [2006]

The Prestige [2006]

Competition does not only occur in the world of business or sports. The world of magic also has its own competition. This film tells the story of two magicians who compete fiercely. Between Robert Angier, whose stage name is The Great Danton, and Alfred Borden, whose stage name is The Professor.

The character Robert is played by Hugh Jeffman and Alfren is played by Christian Bale. Robert was only assisted by Mr. Fallon, his assistant. Meanwhile, Alfred was assisted by an engineer and his assistant. The ambition to beat each other makes their competition even fiercer and increasingly unhealthy, until it leads them to a sad tragedy. Considering its unusual theme, this film is really worth watching.

2. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone [2013]

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone [2013]

We are certainly very familiar with the term era development which is synonymous with change. Everything changes and the only attitude to face these changes is adaptation. That’s how Burt Wonderstone felt as an old magician with classic tricks.

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Burt began to be forgotten as Las Vegas audiences preferred new, bolder and more challenging magicians. Not wanting to just give up, Burt tried to get up. What kind of path should he take? Even though the theme is magic, what is told in this film is very close to us. Change and adaptation must be experienced by anyone with different conflicts. This film is fresh and entertaining, friends!

3. The Illusionist [2006]

Movies Like Now You See Me

This film combines two interesting things, magic and kingship. Not many films pack a story like this. It would be a shame to miss it because this film presents drama and love from a different and unique spectrum.

It’s about a young magician who travels around the world. He travels around the world not to travel, let alone social climb, but to save his lover. An unusual romantic drama, telling about social inequality in a different but relatable way. The time spent making films will not be wasted.

4. Movies Like Now You See Me: Red Light [2012]

Movies Like Now You See Me

What would it be like if magic and the supernatural were stitched together in one epic story? This film is the answer. Two worlds that are both equally unusual are reasons enough to make this film not to be missed.

Dr. Margaret Matheson and her assistant Tom Buckley are paranormal investigators. They both exposed people who claimed to be psychics, mind readers, and similar things with the logic of physics. They are very skeptical, thinking that supernatural people are no different from magicians who have a bunch of tricks. Suddenly, a powerful psychic who disappeared for 3 decades named Simon Silver reappears. Simon’s presence disturbed them.

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5. Magic in the Moonlight [2014]

Movies Like Now You See Me

Woody Allen as director seems to be enough to guarantee that this film will not be boring. He always manages to create stories that are not only unique but also epic. If you have never watched Woody Allen’s work before, this film could be the door to getting to know his work.

If the kids say slang now, it’s called baper. However, this is not because of KKN or group work. This is because Stanley, who is a magician, is called to expose a fake psychic named Sophie. The relationship that exists between them then becomes complicated but interesting. Love and hate are there.