Best Musical Movies like Whiplash Recommendation

Movies like Whiplash – The film Whiplash was included in five nominations at the 2015 Academy Awards. If you watch this film, you can definitely feel the strong ambition and obsession of Andrew (Miles Teller), an ambitious drummer and first year jazz school student, to pursue his dreams. The conflict in this film feels even stronger after Andrew meets a sadistic trainer named Terrence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons). Of course, this is strengthened by background music full of depressive, ambitious and brave drum sensations. The emotional side of this film can really make the audience excited. with Mr. Fletcher. One of the songs that Andrew often played during practice throughout the film also became popular along with the popularity of this film, you know! Classy, ​​powerful and worth watching.

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Movies like Whiplash

1. Begin Again (2014)

Begin Again

Famous for its soundtracks, especially the song Lost Stars, this film could be said to be suitable for quenching your thirst after watching La La Land. Tells the story of Gretta (Keira Knightly) who always accompanies the ups and downs of her lover, Dave’s (Adam Levine) career as a singer. Until one day their relationship ends when Dave is starting to become famous. The excitement of this film becomes even more intense when Gretta finally meets a barely-failed music producer named Dan (Mark Rufallo). They decided to make a real breakthrough in their music career and wake up from adversity. The singing of songs with simple, pop, easy listening musical compositions throughout the film managed to pamper the ears and make it difficult for the audience not to sing along.

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2. Movies like Whiplash: Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

Pitch Perfect 2

So, this film might remind us of films like High School Musical. Continuing the first series, Pitch Perfect 2 can still make the audience laugh with its comedic touches throughout the film. Actually, the story is simple, namely about the twists and turns of a women’s choir group at Berden University called The Berden Bellas who are trying to win a competition. The essence is similar to films in general, the struggle to rise from oppression. What clearly makes this film interesting is the harmony of the voices of Becca (Anna Kendrick) and her friends. Most of the songs in this film are cover songs, but it is the acoustic and acapella versions that the audience loves!

3. Music and Lyrics (2007)

Movies like Whiplash

Are you quite familiar with the song entitled Way Back Into Love? Well, the song with funny and witty lyrics comes from this film. In line with the song which has a comedy nuance, this film is actually also a hilarious romance genre. The story is about an old pop singer named Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grants) who is struggling amidst the many new musicians. Alex’s life begins to change after he realizes that Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore), who often goes to his apartment to water the plants, can actually help his career. Sophie’s ability to compose plain and simple lyrics was the beginning of their love story. Again, the strongest attraction of this film is the songs that play throughout the film. Plus, the hilarity of the two actors and actresses playing this film!

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4. Movies like Whiplash: Once (2006)

Movies like Whiplash

You could say this is one of the films with the most touching songs. Actually, the writer of this film’s story is someone who was also involved in the film Begin Again. Interestingly, this film turns out to be an indie film, you know! The story is about a street musician in Dublin, Ireland, played by Glen Hansard. This guy also works as an electronic equipment repairman. One day, he meets a Czech immigrant girl played by Marketa Irglova. Their romance began when the girl turned out to like the musical composition the boy had made. Their love relationship, which is not shown much through bodily touch, is probably what makes this film sweet. Especially with the melo ballad songs and Marketa’s really delicious voice. You must watch!

5. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlists (2008)

Movies like Whiplash

The strongest impression from this film is ‘really young people’. Yep, the story isn’t really about musicians and music arrangements or concerts. But the touch of music is very strong in this film. Tells the story of Nick (Michael Cerra), who is a member of the band The Jerks Off, who is still trying to conquer his girlfriend’s heart again. Until one night, when Nick and his bandmates were catching up with a performance by their favorite indie band, Nick met Norah (Kate Denings). Their adventure as a fake couple for one night began and lots of romantic excitement happened. What makes it unique is that this film has minimal dialogue but is enough to make the audience laugh. Moreover, it only tells the story of one night. The songs that are included in the playlists and become the soundtrack for this film are really nice to listen to!