Black Clover Anime Review, It’s fun to watch

Thelongestfilm – Black Clover Anime Review. Black Clover, fans of Japanese anime, or otaku, of course, no one doesn’t know this popular anime.

You could say that this anime, based on the popular manga by Yuki Tabata, is one of the ones that has attracted the attention of otaku from all over the world.

Black Clover consists of 4 seasons for now. The first season with 51 episodes premiered on October 3, 2017 and ended on September 25, 2018.

The second season started airing October 2, 2018 and ended September 24, 2019. The third season, which has 52 episodes, premiered on October 1, 2019, and ended on December 1, 2020.

The latest is the fourth season, only has 16 episodes, on December 8, 2020, and ending on March 30, 2021.

Each season has a unique Asta adventure story, so those of you who feel like otaku must watch this anime made by Studio Pierrot. Unfortunately, there is no further information about whether Black Clover season 5 will be released.

Black Clover Anime Review, It's fun to watch

Black Clover Anime Review

But, as otaku or anime fans, don’t be disappointed, because reportedly this anime will be adapted for the big screen.

For the information of anime fans who haven’t watched this series, here are some brief reviews.

Black Clover takes place in a land called the Clover Kingdom. In this country, everyone has magic powers except for a boy named Asta. Asta himself is an orphan who lives with Yuno, his brother.

Unlike Asta, Yuno was actually born with extraordinary natural magic abilities. This makes villagers often compare the two.

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Asta, who realizes he doesn’t have magic power to protect himself, then focuses on training to increase his physical strength.

With his strengths, Yuno then rewarded with a magic book with a rare four-leaf basil symbol.

Asta gets an ordinary magic book that looks ugly but apparently has a mysterious power in it. Many bad people appear to be after Yuno’s rare magic book, putting him in danger.

Black Clover Anime Review, It's fun to watch

Black Clover Anime Review

This because the magic book that Yuno had exactly like the original magic book belonging to the Magic Emperor, the most powerful magician who ruled the Clover Kingdom.

Yuno and Asta then help each other to protect themselves, and both of them join the Magic Knights in order to realize their dreams and ambitions of becoming a Magic Emperor.

Even though he doesn’t have magic power, with his fighting skills, Asta then joins the Black Bulls group and meets Noelle Silva, a girl from the royal family, and the two of them become close friends.

Meanwhile, with his fantastic magic power, Yuno is recruited as a member of the Golden Dawn. Together with their respective groups, Asta and Yuno then fight the Eye of the Midnight Sun, which is under the influence of a demon.

Asta also experienced exciting adventures where he finally realized the magic book he had gave him a mysterious power that protected him from various magics that were targeting him.

Black Clover Anime Review, It's fun to watch

The character of Asta, who underestimated at first, became even stronger after his ability to dispel magic perfected by the Witch Queen.

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His figure later became known as that of Black Asta, who later became one of the most influential figures in the Clover Kingdom.

Will Asta succeed in realizing his dream of becoming a magic emperor? Then what about Yuno, who has the same ambition as Asta? Find the answer in this Black Clover anime.