Synopsis and Review of Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Tokyo Revengers Season 2. Tokyo Revengers was one of the most popular anime in 2021.Finally, the second season of this anime premiered on January 8, 2023. And now you can watch this anime on Disney+ Hotstar.

The second season of this anime adapts the Christmas Showdown arc, which is still being produced by LIDENFILMS. The story itself will again follow the story of a young man named Hanagaki Takemichi, who is still trying to fix the past.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Will Takemichi be able to change the past for the better this time?To find out more, keep following the reviews from Bacaterus below.

After going back several times, Takemichi still failed to prevent Hinata’s death. Even worse, Tokyo Manjikai’s gang, which he now leads, turns into a criminal gang in the future. Despite his despair, Takemichi still tries to return to the past to prevent Hinata’s death.

Episodes 1-2

In the future, when Takemichi is almost killed, Kazutora comes to Takemichi’s aid. After providing first aid, Kazutora tells Takemichi that the Tokyo manjikai he leads has changed.

Kazutora further tells about the Black Dragon gang, which is now led by Shiba Hakkai. Meanwhile, Mickey no longer believes in the Tokyo Manjikai members and kills them.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Meanwhile, Kazutora and Chifuyu secretly work together to defeat Kisaki and team up with Naoto. Kazutora then takes Takemichi to meet with Naoto, but it turns out to be just a trap by Naoto to catch Takemichi.

After being captured, Naoto explained all the future events. However, Takemichi was shocked when he saw the videotape of him indirectly ordering Akkun to kill Hinata.

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Before Takemichi is transferred to prison, Naoto again invites Takemichi to go back to the past. Although reluctant, Takemichi returns to the past in hopes of saving Hinata.

While returning to the past, Takemichi is bowling with Hinata. And, surprisingly, there he met Shiba Hakkai.

Takemichi’s return to the past

This anime is finally back after a year hiatus.Fans of this anime must be really looking forward to Tokyo Revengers season 2.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2

The story continues Takemichi’s struggle to prevent the death of Hinata, the love of his youth. But, in the future, after going back several times, things were still the same, and Hinata was still being killed.

And even more surprising, this time Takemichi was also involved in Hinata’s death. Furthermore, Takemichi has already become the chairman of Tokyo Manjikai, both in the past and in the future.The opponent that will be faced by Takemichi is now getting tougher and stronger.

Takemichi’s past encounter with Hakkai leads him to meet the leader of the Black Dragon, Taiju. Will Takemichi be able to fight against the powerful Taiju?