Cast and Synopsis Evil Dead Rise – Synopsis Evil Dead Rise. EVIL DEAD RISE is the fifth film in the EVIL DEAD supernatural horror series. The film premiered on March 15, 2023 at South by Southwest and will be shown universally starting April 21 by Warner Bros. Pictures.

This film, directed by Lee Cronin, tells the story of the sudden reunion of two sisters who have to fight against interference from the devil. Evil Dead Rise features Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland as the main stars.

Filming announced in October 2019, at which point a new film with Rob Tapert as producer in development. Principal photography took place from June to October 2021 in New Zealand.

1. Synopsis of the film “Evil Dead Rise”

After a long journey, Beth came to visit her older sister, Ellie. Ellie struggles to live while raising her three children alone in a small apartment in Los Angeles.

The reunion between the siblings must be interrupted one day when they find a strange book hidden in the apartment building where Ellie lives. The strange book awakens the demon that has possessed the human body and makes the five of them enter into a primitive battle while surviving the horrors that appear.

2. List of Film Cast: ‘EVIL DEAD RISE’

The following is a brief profile of the cast that appeared in the film Evil Dead Rise:

  • Lily Sullivan as Beth

Lily Sullivan is an American actress who has appeared in the film Mental as Coral and the television series PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK as Miranda. In 2023, Lily began playing the main character in the films EVIL DEAD RISE and MONOLITH.

  • Alyssa Sutherland as Ellie

Alyssa Sutherland is an Australian actress and model best known for her role as Queen Aslaug in the historical television series Vikings.

  • Morgan Davies as Danny

Morgan Davies is an Australian film and television actor. Morgan began his career in entertainment as a child actor.

  • Gabrielle Echols as Bridget

Gabrielle Echols made her debut in Evil Dead Rise as a supporting character.

  • Nell Fisher as Kassie

Just like Gabrielle, Nell Fisher also made her debut in Evil Dead Rise as a supporting character.

3. Interesting facts about the film ‘EVIL DEAD RISE’

Now, after knowing the snippets of the storyline and the artists who play a role, consider the following interesting facts in the film EVIL DEAD RISE:

  • Evil Dead Rise will initially released on the video streaming platform HBOMax. However, due to the strong enthusiasm after the screening test, the film not released theatrically.
  • In an interview, Lee Cronin stated that as much as 6500 liters of fake blood were used during the shooting process of this film.
  • Unlike the previous Evil Dead films with the background of a cabin in the middle of the forest, this film has a background in the city with Ashley Williams, who is not the main character.
  • Evil Dead Rise is the second film in the series not to have Bruce Campbell in the lead role.
  • Bruce Campbell appears in a cameo as the voice of an unnamed priest in a recording.
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