Synopsis of The Pearl Movie: The Psychopath – Synopsis Pearl Movie. Feeling lonely living on her parents’ ranch, Pearl feels that she cannot pursue her dream of becoming a dancer. Even though she really wanted to be one of the chorus girls who entertained Americans at that time.

When feeling depressed, Pearl determined to kill everyone who gets in the way of her goals, including her parents. Pearl a slasher horror film by Ti West, which released by A24 on September 16, 2022. A prequel to the film X (2022), this film tells the origin story of Pearl before she became a sadistic killer.

Appearing like classic 1930s films, Pearl is one of the best horror films in 2022.  How good is the quality of this film?

Synopsis Pearl Movie

Texas, 1918. America is being hit by an influenza pandemic. An immigrant family from Germany lives on a farm outside the city. Pearl lives there with her parents, where her paralyzed father cared for by her mother, who manages family affairs.

Pearl already has a husband who is currently at war in Europe. Whenever Pearl went into town to pick up drugs, she stopped by the cinema for a movie. Impressed by the beauty of the world of cinema, he aspires to become one of the dancers of a very famous dance group in America. However, that not possible because his life limited by strict rules from his mother.

At the cinema, Pearl meets a projector player who encourages her to pursue her dream. Feeling motivated, Pearl started to formulate a plan in her mind. On the way home, he stopped first at the cornfield and danced with a scarecrow. Her mother realized that the change Pearl had brought was lacking, and punished her by depriving her of dinner.

Mitsy, her sister-in-law, came to visit and reported that there was a dance audition to find new dancers. Pearl thought that this was the way for her to start a career and leave her village. At night, Pearl sneaks out of the house and goes to the cinema to meet the projectionist guy. The man then offered Pearl to watch a movie. Pearl asked him to show a film about a dancer she had seen, but the man instead played porn from Europe.

Synopsis Pearl Movie : Pearl attacked Ruth

The man said that he had aspirations to become a filmmaker for this new type of film which he thought would break into the world of cinema. Ruth finds a dance audition flyer and scolds Pearl. There was a loud argument between them at the dinner table. Pearl attacked Ruth and pushed her near the fireplace. Ruth’s clothes were also exposed to fire which quickly burned her whole body. Pearl quickly poured soup stock to put out the fire. But all was too late.

The dying Ruth kept by Pearl in the basement and she heads into town to meet the man at the movie theater and spends the night there. The next morning, the man drove her home. He surprised to see a roasted pig covered in maggots on the terrace of the house. He starts to become suspicious when Pearl makes inconsistent statements.

When the man hesitated and chose to leave, Pearl immediately chased him with a rake and killed him. After that, he drowned the man with his car into the river where a huge crocodile awaited. To attend the audition, Pearl wore her mother’s red dress. But before leaving, he did not forget to kill his father first.

Synopsis Pearl Movie : Pearl gave best performance

He met Mitsy at the church where the auditions were being held. When it was her turn, Pearl gave her best performance. However, the jury rejected it on the grounds that she was not the woman they were looking for. Pearl very disappointed and screamed hysterically in front of the jury. Pearl came home lethargic alone. Mitsy found him on the side of the road.

At home, Pearl told Mitsy about her great disappointment with her parents, husband and the people she thought were hindering her dreams. Even though Pearl promised not to be angry with Mitsy for passing the audition, Mitsy still felt intimidated.

Mitsy ran out of the house with Pearl behind her carrying an axe. Can Mitsy escape Pearl’s threat? Or become the next victim of Pearl’s ferocity? Keep watching the tension of this film until the end and get ready to surprised by the last scene.

Causes of Disturbing Mental Disorders

Pearl’s figure is no longer a mystery in this film, we already know her madness from the film X (2022). However, what we hope for in this film is the psychological foundation and the reason he became a sadistic killer, a new horror icon candidate.

And all were answered very well and satisfactorily by Ti West as the director. From the opening scene to the ending, the reasons that caused Pearl’s soul to be disturbed are explained one by one. The pressure from Ruth, the mother, on Pearl throughout the first half of the film is quite hard and intense.

She always forbids things Pearl likes, like wearing nice dresses or dancing in front of mirrors. Orders to clean the stables, feed the cattle, or bathe his father were full of harsh tones. Of course, Pearl very depressed mentally because of that.

Pearl really loved her parents

Especially when Ruth underestimated Pearl’s dream of becoming a dancer. He even belittled Pearl, saying that she would not the star she had hoped for and that Ruth would not allow her to leave this farm. Pearl’s pressure makes her do desperate things, even though sometimes she seems to realize that it’s wrong. This is the strength of this 1 hour, 43 minute film story.

At one time, Pearl really loved her parents, especially her father, whom she often talked to even though she didn’t get the same answer. But at another time, Pearl really hated her parents because they were considered to be blocking her dream of becoming a star.

And all of this explained implicitly, but in a way that creates curiosity about what Pearl will do next. Pearl’s indecisive thinking makes the plot difficult to predict, even though we know that in the end she will kill everyone who gets in her way. Luckily, the audition judges didn’t fall victim to it.

Rich, Amazing Visualization

The film opens with an image display similar to films from the 1930s, both from music, fonts, to cinematography with bright Technicolor colors in that era. The green of the grass, the red paint of the farm, and the blue of the sky look very stunning, as if we were watching a classic film.

Not only the coloring is captivating, but all the technical aspects have succeeded in making this film strong with its authentic impression. The production team worked on everything in detail, from location sets and costumes to all objects that fit the setting in which this story takes place.

Coupled with a series of dialogues between the actors that are closely related to the style of speech at that time The choice of sentences is actually ordinary, but when spoken by the characters, especially Mia Goth as Pearl, they hit very hard, as if we just heard about them from this film.

All of these elements certainly make us, as spectators in the modern era, really respect the glory of the world of cinema in the “Golden Age of Hollywood” era. And it’s not impossible that, after watching this film, we will moved to watch a film from that era, for example, The Wizard of Oz (1939) or Gone with the Wind (1939).

The Best Mia Goth look

And one thing that should not forgotten the slick performance of Mia Goth. Apart from being the main character, he is also the co-scriptwriter of this film with Ti West.

They wrote it when production of film X being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by this global event, they incorporate elements of a pandemic into the storyline, giving it a relevant impression. It shown in the film that people walking in the city are all wearing masks, just like it is happening in our time. And the use of this mask also used as an element to display the horror in one of the scenes.

In this film, Mia Goth manages to show off all the best talents she has. He not only wrote a script with a good story structure, but he also convincingly developed the character of Pearlod. We shudder when he smiles because we don’t know what’s on his mind.

Even though we are sure that Pearl will kill everyone who gets in her way, when and how are still difficult to predict. The mysteriousness of Mia Goth’s expression is the key to answering all the questions that are really very difficult to guess.

There is one scene that is very unique and unusual. Towards the end of the film, Pearl welcomes her husband home from the battlefield. He then smiled broadly, and this expression continued to maintained by him as the credits progressed. There was a strange feeling, then pity when he saw his tears start to fall.

Mentality Pearl

We might wonder about the purpose of the scene. But what is certain is that scene depicts Pearl’s mental damage that has been imprinted after committing various murders.

The inner pressure within him was obvious, because all he could do now was take care of his household and not make his dream of becoming a star come true. We can get this impression from the end of this film. And of course our feelings will very disturbed when trying to remember Pearl’s smile again.

Especially at the end of the film, Pearl’s sadism in mutilating Mitsy clearly shown. This is the answer to the question that is on the minds of the audience because Pearl’s sadness seems less than optimal in the film.

Pearl has succeeded in proving Ti West’s capacity as a filmmaker specializing in horror films. And this best achievement just the beginning of the horror franchise that being built. His collaboration with Mia Goth in presenting Pearl’s sadism at its best promises that this character will become a horror icon in modern cinema.

With good story building and a well-spoken depiction of the causes of mental damage, Pearl’s character appears more convincing than her predecessors, such as Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, and Leatherface.

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