Cast and Synopsis of Samaritan Movie 2022

Cast and Synopsis of Samaritan Movie 2022 – In this article, we will discuss the synopsis for the film Samaritan, the latest superhero film from Prime Video. However, before we discuss the synopsis for the film Samaritan, it’s good for us to know more about this film.

Samaritan is the latest film from Prime Video in the action-superhero genre, starring Sylvester Stallone and Javon Walton. And Julius Avery trusted to direct this film. In this film, the two actors, Sylvester Stallone and Javon Walton, made their first collaboration with a streaming platform that is also famous for its superhero-themed series The Boys and Invincible. So, here is the synopsis of the film Samaritan:

cast of samaritan 2022

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Synopsis Samaritan Movie

Samaritan tells the story of a city garbage man named Joe Smith. At first, Joe Smith looks like an ordinary garbage man. But one day, Smith saw a little boy named Sam who bullied and beaten. Smith also helps Sam and manages to drive the beaters away with his superhuman strength.

At that time, Sam’s life changed, and Sam believed that Smith a superhero named Samaritan who presumed dead in a fire tragedy 25 years ago. At first, Smith refused to admit it. But when Sam saw him hit by a car until he was seriously injured and Smith recovered on his own, he finally confessed. Since then, the two of them have begun to build their friendship well, telling each other stories and caring for each other.

But not only does Sam know that this superhero named Samaritan is still alive; his old enemy Edwin also knows the truth. Edwin immediately targeted Smith and intended to kill him, but because Sam, who is now often with Smith, was involved, he also became Edwin’s target to weaken Smith. So did Smith manage to defeat his old foe, and what was the reason he faked his death for more than 25 years?

cast of samaritan 2022

Cast of the Samaritan Movie 2022

  • Sylvester Stallone as Joe
  • Javon Walton as Sam Cleary
  • Pilou Asbk, as Cyrus
  • Dascha Polanco as Tiffany Cleary
  • Sophia Tatum as Sil
  • Moises Arias as Reza
  • Martin Starr as Albert Casler
  • Jared Odrick as Farshad
  • Michael Aaron Milligan as Tuna
  • Henry G. Sanders as Arthur Holloway
cast of samaritan 2022

The plot of the story is actually interesting.

“Samaritan” tells the story of a superhero who initially thought to have died but turns out to still alive as an ordinary person. When a new gang of criminals is about to wreak havoc, a boy named Sam discovers that the superhero has become his neighbor by the name of Joe Smith.

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The plot of the story “Samaritan” also actually provides something more than just a synopsis. Because there are two humans with superpowers involved. ‘Samaritan’ and ‘Nemesis’ are actually brothers.

Both represent different ideologies. Samaritans chose to punish those who acted wrongly. While Nemesis is more likely to defend the weak even if she has to violate existing boundaries,

Meanwhile, a new gang of criminals, led by Cyrus, emerges. With Bane’s style in the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” (including his jacket), Cyrus, who worships Nemesis and uses his symbol, moves the oppressed in the city. His plan was to wreak havoc and overthrow the rich.

In the midst of all this, there is Sam, who is a fan of Samaritans. He is torn between wanting to make money to help his mother and trying to find the Samaritan he believes still alive.

So, actually, the conflict of belief in superhumans as symbols of truth and evil here is very interesting. This plot can present a twist from various angles. Unfortunately, this does not appear optimal due to weak execution.