Synopsis of Team Hot Wheels Animated Film: Build The Epic Race

The film Team Hot Wheels: Build The Epic Race tells the story of Team Hot Wheels trying to save a city that attacked by a group of criminals called the Road Pirates. This children’s animated comedy, action, and adventure genre film is the third in the main series titled Team Hot Wheels: Origin of Awesome.

Directed by Matt Danner, Team Hot Wheels: Build The Epic Race released on October 5, 2015, by Mattel and Universal. This film also involves a number of writers, such as Derek Dressler, Patrick Casey, and Josh Miller, as well as the Titmouse production house, which is the animator in this film.

Unlike other Hot Wheels films, which use 3D animated graphics, this film uses highly detailed 2D animation. In America alone, Team Hot Wheels has shown in more than 660 theaters. This 44-minute film features exciting adventure action to watch with the family.

film Team Hot Wheels

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Synopsis: Team Hot Wheels: Build the Epic Race

The story begins with a race entered by the Hot Wheels Team, a group of the best drivers in town. The team consisted of Gage, Wyatt, Rhett, and Brandon. Gage drove the Twin Mill, Wyatt his Baja Truck, Rhett his Bone Shaker, and Brandon his Quick n’ Sik. They drive their way, fast and purposefully, on Hot Wheels City’s challenging orange track.

On the other side of town, the Road Pirates appear, street criminals who like to cause chaos. They took out weak cars and scared everyone. From a distance, the Road Pirates saw the Team Hot Wheels group competing. He interested in the greatness and sophistication of the cars. They intend to take the car and create something that is limitless!

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Road Pirates follow where the Hot Wheels team goes. Arriving at Larry’s laboratory, they amazed by Larry’s invention, which created the fastest and wildest car ever. The Road Pirates were very interested in the car and made Larry’s car their target car.

film Team Hot Wheels

The Road Pirates can take over Larry’s work.

Without difficulty, the Road Pirates can take over Larry’s work. The Hot Wheels Team, which did not remain silent, immediately looked for a way to win the car back by challenging them in the Epic Race arena. There, Gage drove the Twinduction, a car that was several times cooler than the Twin Mill. Brandon, meanwhile, drives a fast 4WD after Quick n’ Sik’s car destroyed by the Road Pirates.

Fast 4WD is a car that has many sophisticated devices, one of which can bring up rocket tires and tennis rackets. Rhett was driving a surf crate after his bone shaker also destroyed by the road. Meanwhile, Wyatt also drives the Land Crusher after his Baja truck destroyed by the Road Pirates.