Feeling Hot? Here’s 9 Asian Movies For Adult From Netflix

When you are at least 18 years old, you can watch movies for adult. Hollywood produces many adult movies, but some of Asian countries also produces them. The following are some recommendations for Asian movies for adult that you can watch via the Netflix streaming service.

Not only loose films with a duration of 2-3 hours, some of which are also a series movie that have several episodes. Check out recommendations for Asian adult films, from Indonesia, the Philippines, to South Korea.

9 Recommended Asian Movies for Adult

1. The Fisbowl Wives (2022)

The Fishbowl Wives is a Japanese adult film series adapted from the manga titled Kingyo Tsuma, by Kurosawa R.

asian movies for adult : The Fishbowl Wives

The story of this film presents the issue of a domestic affair between Hiraga Sakura (Shinohara Ryoko) and Hiraga Takuya (Ando Masanobu) who often commit violence.

To maintain their marriage, Sakura intended to raise an ornamental goldfish, but their relationship grew more problematic as a result.

2. The Naked Director (2021)

Next one is The Naked Director is a Japanese adult film series directed by Masaharu Take. The film’s background is taken from the novel Zenra Kantoku Muranishi Toru Den by Nobuhiro.

A comedy-drama genre, The Naked Director tells the story of director Toru Muranishi’s career which later called as a pioneer of the adult film industry in the 1980s.

3. Romance Doll (2020)

Romance Doll's Main Characters

The next Asian adult film is Romance Doll, which is also a Japanese production by director Yuki Tanada. The main focus is on the life of a love doll maker, aka sex doll.

Tetsuo’s (issey Takahashi) wax dolls have not met the standards yet. In order to perfect his doll revisions, he sought ways by approaching a model directly for references.

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4. Cuddle Weather (2019)

Rod Marmol from Philippines directs an adult movie titled Cuddle Weather. Sue Ramirez plays as Adela, a prostitute in Manila, Philippines.

Adela works daily serving clients from various backgrounds. She is an experienced prostitute. Adela does this job in order to provide for herself.

5. Love For Sale (2018)

From Indonesian films, there is Love For Sale by Andi B.Y. Starring Gading Marten as Richard Ahmad and Della Dartyan as Arini Kusuma.

Richard has allegedly been single for too long. But all that changed when he met Arini, whom he knew through the dating application Love.Inc.

6. A Copy Of My Mind (2015)

Sari and Alex From A Copy of My Mind.

Joko Anwar from Indonesia directs an adult film titled A Copy of My Mind. The main stars are Tara Basro as Sari and Chicco Jerikho as Alex.

Sari is a beauty salon worker who has a special relationship with Alex. Both Sari and Alex’s safety is at danger after talking to inmates in a jail.

7. Lang Tong (2015)

Next one is from the Singapore film industry, the next adult film is titled Lang Tong. Directed by Sam Loh, the story is about a family that has an inheritance problem.

However, one of the family members wanted to kill another family member. The film stars Angeline Yap, William Lawandi, Vivienne Tseng and Esther Goh.

8. Portrait Of A Beauty (2008)

asian movies for adult : Portrait of A Beauty

Lee Jung-myung creates a novel titled Painter of The Wind. Which later was adapted as a movie titled Portrait of A Beauty, directed by Jeon Yun-su.

Yun-jeong (kim Gyu-ri)’s father forces her to dress as a man to fulfill his ambitions because she is a gifted painter. On the other hand, Yun-jeong becomes the target of Kim Hong-do who wants to possess her completely physically and emotionally.

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9. Untold Scandal (2003)

Last Netflix Asian adult movie is still from South Korea, namely Untold Scandal, which is an adaptation of the French novel entitled Les Liaisons Dangereuses.

Madam Joh (Lee Mi-suk) is an exemplary wife of the Chosun dynasty government. But who would have thought, she had a scandal. That’s because she is in contact with not only one or two, but many men.