Films About Natural Disasters Similar to 2012 That You Must Watch

Films Similar to 2012 – Do you still remember the Mayan predictions where their calendar believed to be a benchmark for the age of the earth? This caused a stir among people all over the world. The reason is that many people say that in 2012 human civilization will disappear.

Not to mention that coincided with that year, NASA released news about a solar flare or Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) – the most powerful coronal mass ejection in 150 years, making news of the ‘doomsday’ even more widely heard. Starting from here, the famous director, Rolland Emmerich, adapted the story of the ‘death’ of the world into an epic film entitled 2012.

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Synopsis FIlm 2012

Tells about the wobbling of the world’s plates due to rising temperatures in the earth’s core. This happened after a solar storm caused the cement to weaken which held the world’s plates to remain stable.

The government, which knew about this long ago, immediately took strategies to anticipate the extinction of all the people of the earth. The government built an ark that could accommodate only about 100,000 ‘chosen’ people; scientists, doctors, architects and people who considered capable of creating a new world.

At first glance, this film reminds us of the story of the Prophet Noah. But in fact, there are individuals who sell tickets to enter the ark to billionaires for € 1 billion. Not long after the ark construction project almost completed, a series of terrible events occurred.

Starting from the destruction of all land in America due to the collapse of the plates there. Entire cities from Los Angeles to Washington were destroyed into the bowels of the earth.

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This followed by the destruction of Japan due to an earthquake on an epic scale and a megatsunami as high as 2000 meters which wiped out the entire face of the earth due to the stopping of the moving plates.

Worse yet, the Earth’s magnetic field does not function, causing all the plates to change position. At the end of the story it is said, the highest plateau on earth no longer the Himalayas, but the Drakensberg mountains at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.

In this film about natural disasters we can see how families look after each other (visualized through John Cusack et al), people become selfish and take advantage of the situation (Oliver Platt), as well as all the survivors who survive to live even though they have to sacrifice their lives.

Films Similar to 2012

1. Only the Brave

Films Similar to 2012

In 2013, the United States hit by severe forest fires. 200 firefighting personnel were deployed to extinguish the fire in the vast forest. The fire claimed the lives of 19 people, all of whom were firefighters.

In this film you will invited to witness the struggle of firefighters in putting out fires in a large forest from the perspective of Brendan McDonough (Miles Teller). Brendan himself is a young man who found his calling by applying for a job as a firefighter.

2. The Impossible

Films Similar to 2012

The Impossible is a film about natural disasters based on a true story, you know. This film tells the story of the Belon family who struggled to survive when a powerful tsunami wave hit the Indian Ocean in 2004. At that time, this family was in the Land of the White Elephant, Thailand on holiday.

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Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and Tom Holland lined up to play the main characters in this film made by J.A Bayona. Their acting certainly cannot doubted.

The audience who watched the film were even able to feel how terrifying the atmosphere was at that time through the acting they performed. This film managed to achieve box office revenues of $198.1 million.

3. Films Similar to 2012: Contagion

Films Similar to 2012

The outbreak of the Corona virus (Covid-19) has made several films containing stories about disasters in the form of epidemics become popular again. Apart from The Flu (2013), the film Contagion, made by director Steven Soderbergh, is also of interest to audiences again.

This film tells the story of the spread of a deadly virus that can kill humans in a matter of hours. One of the victims was Bett Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow), the wife of Mitch Emhoff (Matt Damon).

Beth died horribly as a result of contracting the virus which reportedly came from China. Not only in the United States, this virus has also spread to several other parts of the world.

China itself has the largest number of victims infected with this virus. Will the characters succeed in surviving this viral pandemic which reportedly originates from pigs and bats?

Oh yes, apart from Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow, several other famous actresses and actors also play in this film. Among them are Jude Law (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Marion Cotillard (Allied) and Kate Winslet (Titanic).