Top 5 Movies Like Deadpool Recommendation

Movies Like Deadpool – Deadpool is a film that is rated R (Restricted), which means it is intended only for adults or 17 years and over. So, is Deadpool the first fictional hero film with a sadistic appearance?

It turns out the answer is no. Previously, there had been various superhero films or fictional heroes which were also classified as sadistic and were given an R rating. The sadism in the films did not just show scenes of implied violence, but was also shown very explicitly.

As a result, superhero films and comic book adaptations like this are warned not to be watched by children. Teenagers who are still in school are not recommended. Deadpool is like that, but it turns out there were others who deserved to fall into that category before. So, what superhero films and comic heroes have quite a lot of sadistic elements besides Deadpool? A list of titles can be seen on the next page.

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Movies Like Deadpool

1. Watchmen


Zack Snyder’s debut as a superhero film director began with Watchmen, which comes from a comic published by DC. As a result, various elements of violence are displayed very clearly. One of them is a scene in prison which is quite disturbing to some viewers.

Zack Snyder himself was popular thanks to the film 300 and good news for Watchmen fans, now he has been appointed as the director of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Tracing back to Watchmen, apart from being sadistic, this film also presents quite bold sexual scenes. So it’s not surprising that an R rating was given.

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2. Kick-Ass


Kick Ass is the work of the director of X-Men: First Class and Kingsman: The Secret Service, Matthew Vaughn. Even though he doesn’t have super powers, Kick-Ass is still categorized as a superhero like Batman.

Looking at the sadistic elements in this comic adaptation film, here we can see many fight scenes with blood everywhere. What’s worse, almost all of the violent scenes involve underage girls. So, Kick-Ass deserves an R rating.

3. Punisher: War Zone

Movies Like Deadpool

The Punisher is not a superhero character, but he is often considered a hero by many fans. One film that goes too far in depicting this vigilante is Punisher: War Zone.

An R rating is given to this film and it is strictly prohibited for children to watch. If fans thought that the film The Punisher, which was released in 2004, was not sad enough, this film actually treated fans to scenes of excessively explicit violence.

4. Movies Like Deadpool: Super

Movies Like Deadpool

Super is James Gunn’s debut superhero film before he became the director of Guardians of the Galaxy. This film contains many elements of very crude humor. Many people equate Super with Kick-Ass, especially since the release year is the same, 2010 to be precise. This film relies more on slapstick scenes that are really full of elements of violence. Several sadistic scenes were uniquely wrapped by James Gunn to create a comedic nuance.

5. Dredd

Movies Like Deadpool

The character of Judge Dredd underwent major changes after the new version, Dredd, which was released in 2012, appeared on world cinema screens. Even though this film was less successful at the box office, many fans preferred it over the classic version because of the sadistic scenes in it.

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The various shootout scenes in this film are quite disturbing because they involve many civilian characters who died. In fact, many people equate it with the film The Raid which was produced in Indonesia. An R rating was also given. Indeed, Dredd is not included in the superhero category, but for comic fans, he is equivalent to a hero.