High School Fleet Movie Synopsis and Review

High School Fleet Movie – It’s only taken me almost a year and a half to watch High School Fleet, an anime from last year that I recall someone recommending to me. Was it worthwhile from a yuri standpoint?

Synopsis High School Fleet

Japan is now a prosperous marine nation, a century after devastating plate tectonic movements caused the majority of its territory to sink. Along its coastline, Japan is home to well-developed cities, and specialist navy vessels guard its well-developed maritime lanes. Young girls are eager to join the Blue Mermaids—highly competent women who dedicate their lives to defending the seas—and the maritime sector is booming.

Akeno Misaki and Moeka China, two childhood friends, reconvene in Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School after some months apart. Others who share their desire to become Blue Mermaids have joined them here. Akeno and Moeka will soon be in command of their own ships and crews during training exercises. Akeno’s transition to captain is going well as she fosters comradery among the crew members of the destroyer ship Harekaze and adapts into her new post. But soon their ship becomes trapped, putting the crew in jeopardy due to unforeseen engine and navigational issues.

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Review High School Fleet Movie

High School Fleet follows the courageous crew of the Harakaze as they confront perilous seas and other challenges on their journey to becoming fully fledged Blue Mermaids.

From the outside, High School Fleet could appear to be something akin to Girls und Panzer on the high seas, but that is not the case. I’m not sure if that’s a good or negative thing considering how much I like Girls und Panzer, but HSF turned out to be a more sober approach to war games. I had expected this to consist mostly of attractive girls acting cute on ships, but it’s really quite action- and drama-heavy, which turned out to be a very good combo.

The unusual storyline twist that sees a virus or sickness (scurvy! ), rather than action or drama, is what makes this movie stand out. It really shakes things up when the rumors (well, not really…) spread among the students, turning them into mindless servants of some evil force. Yes, that’s ludicrous, but if I said I had anticipated it in this show, I’d be lying. Without that turn of events, HSF might’ve been entirely forgettable, so perhaps this was a blessing in disguise.

A bunch of high school girls granted free freedom to command a battleship with little to no adult supervision also a little surprising, particularly considering that they have not yet finished their maritime training. Although guns and torpedoes are shot from one ship to another, you kind of got the impression early on that this one of those episodes where the protagonists wouldn’t suffer anything more serious than scratches, which for me nullified some of the drama.

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