Jack and Jill Movie Cast and Synopsis, Twins but Not Same !

Jack and Jill Movie – This is not a film adaptation about Jack and Jill as mentioned in an old English poem from the 18th century. These names only used to describe the two main characters, twins played by Adam Sandler. Yes, in this film, Sandler also plays a woman!

This film tells the story of the arrival of Jack Sadelstein’s (Adam Sandler) sibling, Jill Sadelstein (Adam Sandler), to vacation with Jack’s family during Thanksgiving. The problem was, Jill had a quite unique personality, tending to be passive-aggressive, which never made Jack comfortable hanging around her for long. Conflict ensues when this pair of twins faced with loyalty issues, where Jack turns out to see another side of his twin brother that he never realized before.

Jack and Jill Movie

Jack and Jill Movie : Weird Humor

When I found out I was going to watch this film, I didn’t really have high expectations because basically I don’t really enjoy films played by Sandler. The title of this film sounds “catchy” because it reminds people of old poetry plus Sandler’s double appearance, one of which is a female character. So, it’s not surprising that many people are curious about this film.

Jack and Jill Movie

Basically, this film packaged like a comedy film in general. Some characters act out of the box, dialogues that contain jokes, absurdities that actually invite laughter, and so on. However, as the film progressed, I realized a lot of things didn’t add up and shouldn’t be there. I regret the jokes related to SARA that were made several times in several scenes that touched on several “sensitive” cases that could provoke the sensitivity of certain groups.

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This film made for entertainment purposes only, so don’t worry about some parts that may not make sense in your eyes. Apart from that, the screenplay for this film written poorly so the film seems shallow and matter-of-fact. It’s a shame when I realize how good Al Pacino’s performance in this film but it’s not supported by an excellent screenplay.

Jack and Jill Movie

Many Cameos appear

The appearance of many cameos from several well-known stars, such as Johny Depp, Rob Schneider, Dennis Dugan, Norm MacDonald, Drew Carey, Shaquille O’Neal, and others does not make this film special. However, it is enough to be one part that will be very entertaining.

I recommend watching this film on DVD—just like I watched Adam Sandler’s previous film, Just Go with It; both films are on the same level although I liked the second film more.

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