Machine Gun Preacher 2020 Movie Cast and Synopsis

Machine Gun Preacher a film directed by Marc Forster in 2011. This film adapted from the true story of a motorcyclist named Sam Childers.

This film has a duration of 2 hours and 9 minutes and received a rating of 6.8 out of 10, reported by Unfortunately, Forster was only able to generate 3.3 million United States dollars (US) after its broadcast. Meanwhile, this film tells the story of the struggle of Sam Childers (Gerard Butler), a motorcyclist from Pennsylvania, America who known for drunk and consuming heroin.

machine gun preacher

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Starting from Childers who just released from prison

Childers had just released from prison and found out his wife had quit as a streptease dancer. The wife began to know the Lord Christ and became a devout person.

Disappointed with his wife’s decision, Childers returned to his old habits of drinking and partying with drugs. In an almost unconscious state, Childers fights with his partner named Donnie (Michael Shannon). During the fight Childers nearly killed the homeless man.

Realizing his mistake, Childers asked his wife to go to church. Childers then baptized and got a better life. He works as a construction worker. Childers then got the assignment to build houses for refugees in Uganda, one of the areas in the southern region of Sudan, so they could live comfortably. He asked to be accompanied by a soldier from the SPLA. The soldier warns Childers that this is a very risky war zone.

machine gun preacher

Childers started helping children

Upon arriving at the location, Childers learned that many children were hiding near where he lived in order to save themselves. Apparently the LRA had killed and burned their parents’ homes. Even Childers witnessed a child being killed by a land mine as a result of chasing his dog.

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Seeing this situation Childers was moved and wanted to help these children. He felt he had a mission from God. He wanted to set up an orphanage for orphans. However, the house is destroyed by the LRA much to their annoyance.

Nevertheless, Childers determination still burning. Childers wants to be someone who fights tooth and nail to defend the child victims of the war.

machine gun preacher

Machine Gun Preacher Player List

  • Gerard Butler as SamChilders
  • Michelle Monaghan as LynnChilders
  • Kathy Baker as Daisy
  • MichaelShannon as Donnie
  • Ryann Campos as Paige #1
  • Madeline Carroll as Paige #2
  • Souleymane Sy Savane as Deng
  • Grant R. Krause as Billy/Contractor (as Grant Krause)
  • Reavis Graham as Father Krause
  • PeterCarey as Bill Wallace
  • Barbara Coven as Shannon Wallace
  • Misty Mills as Biker Chick
  • Nicole Dupre Sobchack as the Bartender (as Nicole Sobchack)
  • Sidi Henderson as Shaved Head

Machine Gun Preacher is in the direction of director Marc Forster and screenwriter Jason Keller. This 129-minute film was first released on November 2, 2011. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a score of 27 percent, with the audience version at 62 percent. While IMDb gave a score of 6.8/10 out of 62,109 assessors. During its broadcast, Box Office Mojo recorded Machine Gun Preacher’s earnings of more than three million United States dollars. Over two million dollars came from broadcasts internationally.