Synopsis and Review Monamour Movie 2006, About the Affair !

Monamour Movie 2006 – The love for films indeed a natural thing, the technology in the process of making it also getting more and more advanced every year, but who would have thought that old films that had released years ago have instead become films that many looking for, for example, nowadays many people want to watch Monamour Movie.

The film, entitled Monamour, is a film originating from Italy and has released since 2006, however, a lot of footage of this film that has passed on social media applications has made many people curious to watch all the scenes in this film in full.

Raising the theme of infidelity and inharmonious household relations makes people want to watch Monamour even more, especially since this film in the adult age category, there will lots of scenes inserted that lead to the relationship between husband and wife. Check out the full review below.

monamour movie 2006

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Synopsis Monamour Movie 2006

The film Monamour an erotic drama film released in 2006. The film directed by Tinto Brass and starred Anna Jimskaia and Riccardo Marino. Monamour an Italian erotic drama film directed by Tinto Brass.

The film’s storyline centers on Marta (played by Anna Jimskaia), a housewife who feels lonely and isolated in her apartment in Venice, Italy. Her husband, Dario (played by Max Parodi), is a writer who is busy at work and is rarely home.

Marta then meets an engineer named Leon (played by Riccardo Marino) who lives in the apartment next door. They attracted to each other and begin a secret relationship, avoiding Dario’s suspicions.

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When Dario leaves for a conference out of town, Marta and Leon take the opportunity to spend some time together. They forged a deeper relationship, even having husband and wife intercourse quite often.

When Dario finally found out about Marta’s affair, he so hurt and decided to leave her. Marta also felt sad because she had hurt her husband, but she also couldn’t get rid of her feelings for Leon.

monamour movie 2006

Monamour Film Review

This film features quite a number of husband and wife scenes, but also highlights loneliness, love, and betrayal. Marta finally had to choose between staying with her husband or following her heart and choosing Leon.

This film shows how a decision can have a big impact on a person’s life and that relationships are not something that comes easy. Even though it has released since 2006, it seems that there are still many people who want to watch it.

Cuts of this film also often circulate on social media accounts and make people interested in following Marta’s life story. Basically this film contains a lot of values regarding married life even though it is packaged and inserted with many husband and wife scenes as a sweetener.

Oh yes, throughout the duration of the film the characters that will often appear Marta and Leon because they are both the main characters, where this film very focused on the activities they both do. But there are names of other characters who also starred by famous actors. Here’s the information..

  • Anna Jimskaia played Marta
  • Riccardo Marino plays Leon
  • Max Parodi plays Dario
  • Nela Lucic plays a Hotel Room Waiter
  • Lucia Lucchesino plays Marta’s Friend at the Zoo