Mechanic: Resurrection, An Impossible Assassinations Movie.

Mechanic: Resurrection movie is an action thriller movie released on August 26, 2016, which is a sequel to The Mechanic (2011).

The movie, which also known as The Mechanic 2, stars top artists such as Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones, and Michelle Yeoh.

The Mechanic Resurrection movie

Quoted from IMDb, Mechanic: Resurrection tells the story of Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham), who forced to commit three impossible murders that must look like accidents after his lover kidnapped by Crain, a dangerous enemy.

Director Dennis Gansel worked on this film with characters created by Lewis John Carlino, a story by Philip Shelby, and a screenplay by Tony Mosher. Even though there is Jason Statham in action-packed scenes, this film has a rating of 5.7/10 from 84,000 IMDb users. Before watching Mechanic: Resurrection, let’s look at the synopsis of the film first.

Synopsis Mechanic: Resurrection Movie

Mechanic: Resurrection tells the story of Arthur Bishop, whose peaceful life in Rio de Janeiro disturbed by a courier, Renee Tran, who delivers a message. His boss wants Bishop to carry out three assassination missions.

Bishop, who had left his past, pretended that Renee had the wrong person and managed to escape. Later, Bishop seeks shelter to meet his friend Mei, the owner of a resort in Thailand. Bishop finally learned that the people who met him in Brazil were Riah Crain’s messengers.

The Mechanic Resurrection movie

Riah Crain then set up the bait, using Gina Thornton, a child shelter owner in Cambodia, to force Bishop to work for him. Gina then confesses to Bishop and Mei that she was threatened by Crain’s people, who would kill her foster children if they didn’t obey them.

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Although Bishop can sense Crain’s plans, a few days later he grows closer to Gina, and the two fall in love, according to Crain’s plan. Crain then sends his men to kidnap the two; Gina is held hostage until Bishop manages to complete his task, which involves three murders that appear to be accidents.


The first target is a warlord named Marlon Krill, who is locked up in a prison in Malaysia. The second target is Adrian Cook, a billionaire from Sydney who is a former human trafficking mafia member and underage sex worker.

While talking about the final target, Crain allows Bishop to talk to Gina, which allows him to track Crain’s whereabouts. However, Bishop failed when he tried to save Gina. Crain then forced him to complete the third target within 24 hours.

The Mechanic Resurrection movie

After that, Bishop realized that the third target was Crain’s rival in the arms trading business. He is Max Adams, a man from America who is now in Varna, Bulgaria.

Now Bishop devises a plan to expose Crain’s plan to Adams and asks for his help. He plans to fake Adams’ death and asks Crain to go to a submarine base to show him the evidence so Bishop can save Gina. Did Adams trust Bishop? Did Bishop manage to save Gina?

Mechanic: Resurrection Cast Members

  • Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop
  • Jessica Alba as Gina Thornton
  • Tommy Lee Jones as Max Adams
  • Michelle Yeoh, as Mei
  • Sam Hazeldine as Riah Crain
  • John Cenatiempo as Jeremy Cocs
  • Toby Eddington as Adrian Cook
  • Femi Eluwoju Jr., as Marlon Krill
  • Francis Tonkala Tamouya as Nuujib
  • Rhatha Phongam as Renee Tran
  • Anteo Quintavalle as Frank, Crain’s henchman
  • Aaron Brumfield as Adams’ chief bodyguard
  • Vithaya Pansringarm is the warden of the prison.
  • Soji Ikai as a prisoner
  • Natalie Burn as a BBC reporter
  • Raicho Vasilev as Fletcher, Crain’s bodyguard
  • Dylan Farrell as a young Arthur Bishop