Frozen 2 Movie Cast and Synopsis – Frozen 2 cast and synopsis. Frozen II is a musical fantasy animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios and a continuation of the previous installment, Frozen, which released in 2013. All ranks, from the director, producer, songwriter, and composer to the screenwriter and voice cast, are parallel to the first film.

The story takes place three years after the first film. Now, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and the reindeer Sven are on a new adventure.

Starting because Elsa heard a mysterious voice calling her, everyone now leaves Arendelle to find answers to all of Elsa’s worries about these voices.

Frozen movie 2 cast and synopsis

Frozen 2 cast and synopsis

Still with Kristen Bell as the voice actor for Anna and Idina Menzel as the voice actor for Elsa, Frozen 2 tells the story of Elsa, who has been Queen of Arendelle for the past few years. However, the story opens with King Agnarr (Anna and Elsa’s father) and Iduna (their mother), who are telling a true story to their two young daughters.

In the past, King Runeard, king of Arendelle before Anna and Elsa’s father, alias their grandfather, made a pact with a neighboring tribe called Northuldra. The agreement contains peace and also the construction of a dam on their land, namely the Enchanted Forest. However, there was a fight that caused the king to die.

Due to the battle, the forest elementals (earth, fire, water, and air) were enraged. All spirits disappeared, and a wall of mist appeared and trapped everyone in the enchanted forest. Meanwhile, Agnarr, who was still a prince at the time, was able to escape thanks to the help of a mysterious savior.

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Time returns to the present, where it has been 3 years since Elsa’s coronation as Queen of Arendelle. It autumn when Elsa began to disturbed by mysterious voices that seemed to call her.

On the other hand, Anna and Kristoff’s relationship getting more serious, but Kristoff always loses the opportunity to propose to Anna because his girlfriend confused about Elsa’s condition.

Frozen 2 cast and synopsis

One day, Elsa follows the direction of the sound without noticing, and it awakens a long-lost elemental spirit. The spirits disturbed Arendelle so much that the residents had to flee. You haven’t forgotten the Troll Colony and Grand Pabbie, have you? They are still in this sequel.

Grand Pabbie seems to know all about Arendelle. He tells Elsa to fix things so they can return to normal. The trick is to find out the truth about Arendelle’s past. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, Elsa begins her search.

They arrive at the Enchanted Forest, where the Wind Spirit forms a tornado, sucking everything into the whirlwind. Elsa can save them all with her powers.

After the storm dissipates, they find a sculptural statue that turns out to be their father and mother from the past! As it turned out, their mother was a Northuldra, and she also saved their father during a battle.

Frozen 2 cast and synopsis

Elsa and the others meet the Northuldra people as well as the Arendelle soldiers who are trapped there. In fact, both parties are still at odds, even though it has been decades.

Suddenly the Fire Spirit appears among them. Elsa sees the embodiment of the Fire Spirit turning into a magical salamander who looks nervous. However, it was not difficult for Elsa to calm him down.

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Furthermore, Elsa and Anna explain that they are part of these two places because their father is an Arendelle and their mother is a Northuldran. This information led both sides to a ceasefire. There, Elsa informed of the existence of the five spirits that unite humanity with the wonders of nature.

So, the day the king and queen of Arendelle died, they wanted to find out the answer to Elsa’s powers. Feeling responsible for the deaths of her parents, Elsa decided to continue the journey alone and sent Elsa and Olaf back with Kristoff. Elsa then meets Nokk, a water spirit who guards Ahtohallan’s sea.

There, Elsa finds the answer: the mysterious voice that keeps calling her is that of Iduna, her mother. He also understands that his power is a gift from the magic of nature because of Iduna’s ‘love act’ when saving Agnarr, so that Iduna becomes the 5th Nature Spirit, which unites all differences.

Elsa also understood that the dam in Northuldra was a trick by her grandfather, Runeard, to diminish Northuldra’s resources. All of that was because Runeard didn’t like the tribe, which was very close to magic.

Frozen 2 cast and synopsis

However, knowing this fact, Elsa frozen. However, right before Elsa froze, she managed to send the information to her sister, Anna, who was somewhere else.

As it turned out, Anna and Olaf were currently in the most dangerous area of Ahtohallan; yes, they got lost. In Elsa’s frozen effect, Olaf fades because he is part of Elsa’s magic.

Anna can receive Elsa’s messages even though they are very far apart. He concludes that the dam must destroyed so that the two sides can make peace.

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Anna gets an idea when she accidentally finds earth spirits that resemble large turtles. The spirits had asleep but were awakened by Anna.

The princess deliberately led them to the dam so it could destroyed. Elsa can melt too, and she immediately returns to Arendelle to stop the flood from the dam before it hits her country.

The situation is safe; Elsa and the residents of Arendelle approach the wall of fog, which immediately disappears. Elsa reunited with Anna. Kistoff was finally able to propose to Anna, and Elsa handed over her crown to Anna. He wants to be the protector of the Enchanted Forest and leave Arendelle and Anna alone. All happy!