Review and Synopsis Film Blue Beetle, Search for the Identity !

Blue Beetle the latest film adapted from DC Comics. The film adapted from a DC comic book superhero story with the main character Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle. This film produced by DC Studios and The Safran Company, making Blue Beetle the first DC Universe (DCU) character under the auspices of James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Film Blue Beetle

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Synopsis of the film Blue Beetle

The story of Blue Beetle is based on the figure of Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña), a 22 year old young man who has just graduated from Gotham University’s Faculty of Law and decides to return to his hometown in Palmera City and gather with his family. In the midst of the process of searching for his identity, Jaime frustrated because he could not find a job after graduating from college. Apart from that, he just found out that his family’s financial condition had worsened.

This condition means that Jaime and his sister, Milagro (Belissa Escobedo), inevitably have to work part time as staff at a luxury mansion owned by Victoria Kord (Susan Sarandon). Victoria Kord is one of the top officials of a leading energy company headquartered in Palmera City. While working, Jaime accidentally saw a feud between Victoria and her niece, Jenny Kord (Bruna Marquezine), so he broke up the dispute.

Film Blue Beetle

This actually made him lose his job. However, Jenny immediately offered him a new job at the Kord Tower Building. The next day, Jaime was accompanied by his uncle, Rudy (George Lopez), to Kord Tower to confirm the job.

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When they got there, a strange situation befell them. Jenny has just stolen a box containing a Scarab, a blue specimen that resembles an insect. He claimed it was a Kord family heirloom that Victoria misused. Panicking, Jenny immediately handed the Scarab to Jaime and asked him to look after the specimen. Unexpectedly, the scarab in the shape of a beetle moved and entered Jaime’s body until it mutated. In the midst of the mutation process, Jaime felt a lot of pain and caused chaos at home.

Film Blue Beetle

Information about the film Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle first introduced in a comic entitled Mystery Men Comics #1 which published in August 1939. This character created by comic artist Charles Nicholas. Initially, Blue Beetle’s intellectual property (IP) owned by Fox Comics, which then transferred to Charlton Comics. In 1983, DC Comics purchased the Blue Beetle IP so it became their property.

The change of IP owner resulted in three different original names for Blue Beetle. The original version named Dan Garret, he got his powers from a special vitamin which then got his powers from a sacred scarab beetle. The second version of Blue Beetle named Ted Kord created by Charlton Comics. In fact, he doesn’t have any superpowers at all, but he can create tools that help him fight crime.

Meanwhile, the third version of Blue Beetle is named Jaime Reyes. He told as a teenager who discovered the sacred scarab beetle which made him very strong and able to travel through space.

Blue Beetle is the first superhero film from the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) to use Latin culture as its setting. This film was directed by director Ángel Manuel Soto from a script written by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer. Apart from Xolo Maridueña as the main star, this film also stars Susan Sarandon, Bruna Marquezine, Alberto Reyes, and George Lopez.