Review and synopsis the Fabelmans, Musical Drama Genre ! – Review and Synopsis the Fabelmans. Steven Spielberg is one of the legendary directors who is still actively working on films to this day. A year after releasing West Side Story (2021), Spielberg has released his latest work, The Fablemans. Unlike West Side Story, which is a musical drama genre, The Fablemans is a coming-of-age drama film.

Apart from directing, Spielberg also worked on The Fableman’s script with Tony Kushner. With Kushner, Spielberg worked on The Fableman’s script in late 2020, during the lockdown due to the pandemic. This drama film stars a number of well-known actors, including Gabriel LaBelle, Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, and others.

The Fablemans can regarded as a semi-biographical film whose story adapted from the story of Steven Spielberg’s childhood and youth. The Fablemans are referred to as semi-biographical because the story is told through a fictional character named Sam Fabelman. This drama film is about how Sam explores the power of movies to help him discover the truth about the people around him.

Spielberg’s personal film is full of emotional journeys

Review and synopsis the Fabelmans

As explained above, The Fablemans is a semi-biographical film based on Spielberg’s life story. So, not everything you see in this drama film is a complete representation of Spielberg’s life. Even so, you can still feel how Spielberg honestly gives his personal touch to The Fableman’s story.

Through The Fablemans, we can feel how great Spielberg’s love for the film world is through the depiction of the main character, namely Sam Fabelman. The film even opens with a moment showing how Sam first fell in love with film, until he finally realized that making films was his calling in life, not just a hobby.

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Not only exploring Sam’s love for the film world, The Fablemans also raises family conflicts and Sam’s high school life, which filled with bullying because of Sam’s Jewish status. Even through family conflicts and his high school life, Sam finds the power of film to reveal the truth around him.

With a duration of 2 hours and 31 minutes, The Fablemans is able to make the audience feel connected to Sam’s life, which is full of emotional journeys. Moreover, the conflicts shown in this drama film feel related to real life, so it’s not difficult for the audience to feel connected to Sam’s happiness and frustration.

Review and Synopsis the Fabelmans : Spectacular performance of the actors

Review and synopsis the Fabelmans

It cannot be denied that the appearance of the Fabelmans actors is one of the strongest plus points of this drama film. Gabriel LaBelle, who played Sam, managed to portray his character perfectly. His acting is so riveting, especially when Sam is conveying his frustration to those around him.

In addition to LaBelle’s appearance, which stole the attention, Paul Dano and Michelle Williams’ acting is definitely not in doubt. Dano and Williams played Sam’s parents, namely Burt and Mitzi Fabelman. Even though they look fine in front of their children, Burt and Mitzi are actually a troubled married couple.

Dano’s appearance as Burt succeeded in making the audience sympathize with him. What’s more, Dano managed to display an expression so full of sadness that he had to hide it in front of his wife and children. Williams’ appearance as Mitzi is also so good that you will irritated by her selfishness as a wife.

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Films with slow-paced plots that make the development of the story more pronounced

Review and synopsis the Fabelmans

It should noted again that The Fablemans has a duration of 2 hours and 31 minutes, which definitely not a short film. This duration might be a problem for some people because this film has a fairly slow storyline. Those of you who don’t like slow-paced drama films might find it difficult to finish The Fablemans.

On the other hand, the implementation of a slow-paced plot in The Fabelmans is actually the right treatment for this coming-of-age film. This drama film centered on the story of Sam’s maturity as a child who has a great love for the film world. With a slow-paced plot, the audience made to understand Sam more and more.

The ups and downs of Sam’s life also clearly constructed through the slow pace of the film. The relationship development between Sam and the people around him, especially with his parents, also conveyed clearly and neatly. If you are used to watching movies at a slow pace, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy every second of the story in this drama film.