Synopsis The Dictator, Political Comedy Movie ! – The Dictator Movie. A satirical political comedy film directed by Larry Charles, The Dictator tells the story of Admiral General Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen), a dictator from the fictional North African country of Wadiya.

Synopsis The dictator Movie

Synopsis The dictator movie

For years, the fictional North African nation of Wadiya Republic has ruled by Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen, an infantile, tyrannical, sexist, anti-Western, and antisemitic dictator who surrounds himself with female bodyguards. He also sponsors terrorism (especially by providing shelter to al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden)  and is developing nuclear weapons to attack Israel.

He also refused to sell the Wadiya oil fields, a promise he made to his father before his death. After the UN Security Council decides to intervene militarily, Aladeen goes to the UN Headquarters in New York City to address the council.

Shortly after arriving, Aladeen kidnapped by Clayton, who supposedly in charge of security arrangements but becomes an assassin hired by his dangerous uncle Tamir. Tamir then replaces Aladeen with a lookalike named Efawadh.

He wants to manipulated into signing a document that nominally democratizes Wadiya while opening up the country’s oil fields to Chinese and other foreign interests. Aladeen escapes after Clayton accidentally burns himself to death in a botched torture attempt. When his burnt corpse is found, Tamir thinks Aladeen has been killed. However, Aladeen was practically unrecognizable as Clayton shaved off his iconic beard before his death.

The Dictator Movie : Aladeen meets Nadal in New York City

Synopsis The dictator movie

Wandering through New York City, Aladeen meets Zoey, a human rights activist who offers him a job with a socially progressive alternative lifestyle. Aladeen refuses the offer and meets with “Nuclear” Nadal, the former head of Wadiya’s nuclear weapons program, whom Aladeen claims executed earlier over an argument over warhead design.

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Aladeen follows her to New York’s “Little Wadiya” district, which populated by refugees from her own country, and meets her at the “Death to Aladeen Restaurant,” a restaurant run by and visited by many of the people Aladeen ordered executed.

Diner waiters and refugees mistake him for an “Aladeen sympathizer” after a failed attempt to cover up his identity and are about to attacked when Nadal saves them. Nadal reveals to Aladeen that all the people he ordered executed were instead sent into exile to the United States.

Nadal agrees to help Aladeen thwart Tamir’s plans and regain power on the condition that Aladeen reinstates him as head of Wadiya’s nuclear program. Aladeen agrees and accepts Zoey’s job offer, as she is serving at the hotel where the signing will take place.

Aladeen grows closer to Zoey after she rejects his sexual advances and teaches him how to masturbate, and eventually falls in love with her after seeing him angry. Revamping Zoey’s struggling business, Aladeen begins to impose strict schedules on everyone, forming a personality cult around Zoey and intimidating an inspector into giving the store favorable reviews.