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Synopsis The Covenant – GUY RITCHIE’S THE COVENANT or briefly called THE COVENANT is an action-thriller film written and directed by Guy Ritchie. He is a well-known director from Great Britain who has had an active career since 1995. Several successful works that Guy Ritchie has worked on include SHERLOCK HOLMES (2009), SHERLOCK HOLMES : A GAME OF SHADOWS (2011), KING ARTHUR : LEGEND OF THE SWORD (2017), ALADDIN (2019), and many more.

In writing the story THE COVENANT, Guy Ritchie was not alone. He was assisted by Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies. The plot of this film tells the story of a former member of the United States Army Special Operations Command and a veteran of the Afghanistan war named John Kinley who decides to return to Afghanistan to help a translator who once saved his life.

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Synopsis of THE COVENANT

Tells the story of a sergeant named John Kinley who carried out his last assignment in Afghanistan. In carrying out his duties, John was assisted by a local translator named Ahmed. One day, there was a battle between military units and the Taliban. The battle was won by the Taliban. As a result of the battle, John suffered serious injuries and Ahmed saved John.

After some time, John returned to the United States and started his life. Until one day, John, who heard the news that Ahmed had been targeted by the Taliban and lived in fear, felt he had to help Ahmed because John felt he owed his life to him. However, the United States government did not allow John to return there. Instead of obeying the government’s decision, John preferred to go alone to Afghanistan with the status of a civilian with minimal weapons.

Interesting Facts About ‘THE COVENANT’

Before watching the film, KLovers need to know some interesting facts about the film THE COVENANT below.

  • THE COVENANT is not the first title. Before shooting began, this film was given a different title, namely THE INTERPRETER.
  • Received a rating from Rotten Tomatoes with 83% positive responses and an average rating of 6.8/10.
  • After the film THE COVENANT has finished showing in US cinemas, this film will be available on the Amazon Prime Video streaming application.

Brief Profile of THE COVENANT Cast

The following is a brief profile of the cast of the film THE COVENANT.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Sergeant John Kinley
    Jake Gyllenhaal plays John Kinley, a sergeant from the United States military who is on his last mission in Afghanistan.
  • Dar Salim as Ahmed
    Dar Salim plays Ahmed, a language translator who helps John Kinley while serving in Afghanistan.
  • Alexander Ludwig as Sergeant Declan O’Brady
    Alexander Ludwig plays Declan O’Brady, a sergeant from the United States military and a colleague of Sergeant John Kinley.

And there are many other talented players whose roles can only be known after watching THE COVENANT.

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