Sinopsis Film Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

The story of Edge of Tomorrow is based on a screenplay adapted from the 2004 Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The film itself takes place in the future, where parts of Earth attacked by an alien race.

Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) forced by his superiors to join a landing operation against the aliens. While fighting, he dies, gets trapped in a time loop, and comes back to life by repeating the same events only to find a way to defeat them.

The film grossed over $370 million worldwide against a production budget of $178 million. A sequel to Edge of Tomorrow, which will be titled Live Die Repeat and Repeat, is currently in development.

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Synopsis Edge of Tomorrow

An alien army called the Mimics arrives in Germany via an asteroid, and quickly conquers most of the European continent. The United Defense Force (UDF) organization, a global military alliance formed to combat the alien threat, is finally able to achieve victory over the Mimics using human soldiers, who wear high-tech armor called mech suits.

In England, the UDF is planning a major invasion of France, and General Brigham orders Major William Cage, who is from the Department of Media Relations to cover the action. Cage, who had no combat experience, refused and threatened to blame Brigham if the invasion failed.

Cage then comes under the tutelage of Master Sergeant Farell, and enters the J-Squad, which is very unfriendly to him. The landing in France did not go smoothly, Farell and J-Squad were killed quickly. Cage then tried to kill a very large blue Mimic Alpha, but he seriously injured to death covered in the monster’s blood.

Cage Stuck in a Time Loop

Moments later, Cage jolted awake, and found himself back at Heathrow military base, just as he was flying to France. He then recalled the incident that killed him, Farell, and the J-Squad.

His attempts to warn Farell against the invasion ignored by him. He stuck in a time loop, repeats the circle death, and wakes up at Heathrow again and again.

While on the battlefield for the umpteenth time, Cage tries to save Sergeant Rita Vrataski. He realizes that Cage can turn back time, and orders the Major to find him when he comes back to life. Cage got up again and rushed to meet Vrataski at Heathrow. The two of them then went to Dr. Carter, a Mimics biologist.

Time reset ability

Carter explains that the Mimics are superorganisms, and they have a cerebrum, aka a brain named Omega, which controls the Mimics, and their whereabouts are still unknown. Meanwhile, if every Alpha Mimics dies, then Omega will reset time, and adjust his tactics until he can win the battle.

Through his explanation, Cage later found out that he accidentally had their ability to reset time when Alpha blood entered his body during the first battle that killed him. Cage and Vrataski then hatch a plan to find and kill Omega to end the alien invasion on Earth.

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