Review Series the Marvelous Mrs Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. I’ve already promoted this series to a number of people, but no one seems to have been summoned to watch it yet. But I’m still excited to introduce this series, especially for those who like to watch stand-up comedy, films with an American background in the 1950s, and jazz music and musical dramas.

The main character in this series is Miriam “Midge” Maisel. Midge is Jewish and a young mother of two children from a fairly wealthy family. His mother is a cute and stylish housewife (probably like the women who usually appear in Tetlar magazine), while his father is a chemistry lecturer at Columbia University. Due to such a family background, Midge’s journey to become a comedian (which is felt to have an unclear career path, little money, and being a woman) was full of challenges.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

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The Marvelous Mrs Maisel: A hidden dream to become a comedian

Midge’s introduction to stand-up comedy started with her husband, Joel Maisel. Joel has a hidden dream of becoming a comedian. So every night, he and Midge would stop by the club to perform his material. Midge also fully supports Joel’s desire to become a comedian. If she gets an idea, Midge will write down joke ideas for Joel. When Joel performed, Midge would count the number of people laughing for each joke he made to be analyzed afterwards (it’s that hard to be a comedian). It was at this club that Midge met Susie, one of the club employees.

Until season 3, which I watched, more than half of this film was a stand-up comedy stage performance. Even though there are some parts that I don’t understand because they take on very American issues, there are also many parts that can be captured and are indeed funny.

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In fact, even though the scenes are no longer staged, the script also seems to have been written using a stand-up comedy and theater approach with fast, precise, and kicking dialogue timing. That’s why, in my opinion, this series is perfect for those who like stand-up comedy because the basic stand-up elements (bits, punch lines, tempo, etc.) are really a strong foundation for this series.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Classic costumes and settings

Outside of the comedy, I also like the costumes, settings, and props in this series. Makeup, models, and colors—everything is really classic. I can’t imagine how busy the costumes and wardrobe are when filming each episode.

I was most impressed with the property of the phone, whose number had to be dialed. Apparently, a telephone like this has a really long cable, right? You can bring it from the living room to the bedroom. Maybe 10 meters.

Next, maybe because Midge’s story is about an upper-middle-class family, there are quite a number of scenes in the series that depict gatherings either at home or at parties. In the middle of this event, there is usually dancing or singing as entertainment. This is where I can enjoy the nuances of a musical drama in this series. And there are quite a lot of scenes with nuances like this. Very satisfied for those of you who like to watch musical drama-style dances.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel: Unique cast and character

Apart from Midge’s character, I also like Susie Myerson’s character, that is, the employee at the bar where Joel appears. Susie’s character is fierce, tomboyish, but very kind, especially with her friends. This might be the friend that we least want to have in life, because even though this friend is fierce on the outside, he is really kind on the inside. It’s really fun if you watch the scene with Susie in it.

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Finally, it turns out that Midge’s actor, Rachel Brosnahan, has also played in The Blacklist, Gossip Girl, and several other films. From what I’ve watched, Rachel always has a “dark” character, whether mysterious, quiet, or even a killer. It’s really dark.

That’s why, when I first found him watching it here, I was a little dizzy. The problem here is that the characters are the complete opposite of usual: cheerful, sweet, and funny. How cool is acting? It can change someone’s character so much!

How far have you gotten into my promotion? Ha ha. This series can be watched on Prime Video until Season 3. So try one episode first. Who knows?