Review & Synopsis the black phone movie –  The Black Phone a film produced by Uncle Sam, America, that released in 2021 in the horror-supernatural genre. This film an adaptation of a 2004 short story with the same title by a writer named Joe Hill.

This 103-minute film tells the story of a mysterious kidnapper who very fond of kidnapping children to tortured and killed. One of the kidnapping victims was able to survive due to a mystical thing that he experienced while in confinement. The mystical thing helped him escape.

Synopsis of the Black Phone movie

Review & Synopsis the black phone movie

The film begins with a softball game being played by Finney (Mason Thames) with his school team; Bruce (Tristan Pravong) became Finney’s opponent at that time.

They played together until the match won by Bruce’s team, but Finney did not feel defeated, considering that Bruce one of his friends too.

One time, when Bruce was touring the housing complex by bicycle, a mysterious kidnapper known as The Grabber caught him.

This is clearly making the suburbs of Denver so tense. Finney was very sad when he learned that his friend had become a kidnapping victim. Finney’s younger sister, Gwen (Madeleine McGraw), comforted him.

Finney’s sadness grew when a group of children loved to bully him. But Finney gets help from another good friend named Robin (Miguel Cazarez Mora), who is known to be good at fighting. One day, Gwen, who has psychic dream powers passed down by her mother, has a dream about Bruce’s kidnapping.

Mystical Power

Review & Synopsis the black phone movie

Knowing that Finney can communicate with dead people raises the big question: does the mystical power that Finney has also come from his mother?

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This is because Gwen, Finney’s younger sister, has another power, namely being able to have psychic dreams, and she manages to find many clues that lead to the location where her brother is.

It is very likely that Finney’s mother’s power also descends on Finney, who can speak to spirits, even though it is clear that the black telephone in the basement of The Grabber’s residence has said to be malfunctioning by The Grabber himself.

In fact, Finney received instructions and help from the spirits of children who were victims of The Grabber via the black telephone.

Glance Similar to IT Movies

Review & Synopsis the black phone movie

If you are aware, the film The Black Phone somehow seems like plagiarism in another way. Both of these films have a core story about kidnapping children with enticing balloons. If in the film IT, the balloon that ‘offered’ is red, then in this film, the balloon that The Grabber is offering is a black balloon. Ring the bell?