Review Sicario Movies The Order : The Battle Against Cartel

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Thelongestfilm.comReview Sicario Movies The Order. This film, inspired by the true story of FBI members, stars Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro, Josh Brolin, Jeffrey Donovan, Jon Bernthal, Bernardo Saracino, and Daniel Kaluuya. This action and thriller film released in 2015.

The IMDb site gives this film a score of 7.6 out of 10. Meanwhile, the Rotten Tomatoes site gives a score of 92 percent on the tomatometer and 85 percent on the audience score for a film that lasts 2 hours and 1 minute.

The film Sicario is known to be the true story of an FBI agent commissioned by the government to arrest the leaders of a Mexican drug cartel.

Review Sicario Movies The Order

Kate Macer is a member of the FBI who led the raid on the house belonging to the Sonora drug cartel in Arizona with Reggie Wayne. However, they found a collection of corpses hidden in the wall. A trap was also installed in the house, which caused the deaths of two officers.

After the raid, Kate is recommended to be a member of the joint special team under the tutelage of Matt Graver to capture Sonoran carter Manuel Diaz. However, when Kate asked about the mission, Matt always responded with ambiguity.

On a jet to Texas, Kate meets Matt’s partner, the mysterious Alejandro Gillick. They also joined forces with DEA agents from the United States Army Delta Force unit. The team heads straight to Mexico, where they plan to catch Manuel’s brother, Guillermo Diaz. But because of the way the team was attacked, Kate was forced to kill people.

At a United States airbase, Aljendo tortures Guillermo and discovers a tunnel that Manuel used to smuggle illegal drugs into the United States. But Kate found there were irregularities in the team. Kate also wonders who Matt and Alejandro are and who they work for.

The team immediately continued their journey to the Arizona Border Patrol to get information on detained illegal immigrants. Kate was curious about Matt’s plan. As it turns out, the mission’s real goal is to disrupt Manuel’s drug operation by using Kate as bait. This fact surprised Kate, who at the same time felt in danger. Does Kate continue her mission and manage to catch the leader of the drug cartel?

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