Synopsis and Review of Fifty Shades of Grey, a Romantic and Sensual Film

Thelongestfilm – If you mention romantic-themed films, it’s incomplete if you don’t mention the title Fifty Shades of Gray as one of them. This film is part of a trilogy of films, of which Fifty Shades of Gray is the first.

In this film, we will see the beginning of the love relationship between Christian and Anastasia, who are the main characters of this trilogy, and all the conflicts they face. What’s the story like? Here’s the review and synopsis!


Release dates 2015

Genres Drama, erotic, psychological, romantic, thriller

Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson

Starring Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Jennifer Ehle, Marcia Gay Harden

The film Fifty Shades of Gray tells about the love relationship between Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele, or Ana. Christian is a wealthy young entrepreneur, while Ana is a final-year student who will graduate soon. They first met when Ana stood in for her friend Kate to interview Christian in his office.

The two seemed to fall in love at first sight. After that meeting, Christian visited Ana several times. He went to Ana’s shop to work, gave her her number, and asked her to have coffee with him. Christian is also very considerate and picks up Ana when she is drunk at a bar.

Their relationship is getting closer, but Christian seems to have a secret that is too complicated for Ana to understand. Christian admits that he is not interested in a romantic relationship. But Christian also gave Ana many special surprises, from special edition books to tours using private helicopters.

Christian then took Ana to his luxurious private home and gave her a contract. At that time, Christian revealed he was a masochist. He enjoys sexual intercourse with the same violence that he used on his partner. Christian also shows Ana a room he calls the playroom.

The playroom is where Christian has sexual intercourse with his partners, which is filled with various tools to support his sexual satisfaction. Christian claims to be dominant, one who leads and rules his relationship, while Ana is submissive.

If the submissive makes a mistake or irritates the dominant, then the dominant will punish her. But Christian also promises all kinds of beautiful things if Ana accepts the contract.

Ana did not immediately sign the contract, but the relationship between the two continued. Ana is even willing to give her virginity to Christian.

During that relationship, Christian seemed to be so dominating and controlling all of Ana’s life. Christian is often angry and jealous when Ana goes out with her boyfriend or goes to visit her mother.

Christian also repeatedly asked Ana to enter the playroom and have sexual relations in a strange way to satisfy his desires.

Even though she often felt pain and torment, Ana seemed to quite enjoy the relationship. His life has changed. He moved into Christian’s house until he bought a new car.

But deep down, Ana wants a normal love life with Christian, while Christian still seems to have some distance in his relationship with Ana.

After everything they’ve been through, Ana wants to be able to touch Christian, the man she loves so much. But Christian still refused. Ana then offers Christian to punish him so he knows the worst risk he will receive. If Ana manages to endure the pain of the punishment, she wants to be able to touch Christian.

Christian was actually reluctant to do that, but in the end he gave Ana what he called punishment. In his playroom, Christian whipped Ana six times until she cried out in pain. After that, Ana didn’t want Christian to touch her anymore, even though in her heart she still loved him.

The next day, Ana demands her old car back. He also left Christian’s house. The two separated after calling out to each other.

Explicitly Described Sensual Scenes

It seems that this film can only be watched by adults and those old enough, considering the visuals and the scenes throughout the film, which show many sensual scenes. Throughout the duration of the film, which is 125 minutes, approximately one third of the film is filled with hot scenes performed by the main characters, Christian and Ana.

These sensual scenes shown quite clearly with detailed shots. The cinematography every time Christian and Ana have sexual intercourse made to feel aesthetic, as showing the beauty of the sensual scenes they are demonstrating. This film better watched by those of you who are old enough!

Chemistry Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

In the film Fifty Shades of Grey, the main characters, Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele, are the main focus throughout the film. You could even say that the plot of the film only tells about the relationship between the two, while the other supporting characters seem to sink because they only get a small portion of the story.

Actress Dakota Johnson and actor Jamie Dornan seem suitable for playing the characters Ana and Christian. Dakota Johnson succeeded in presenting the figure of Ana, who is so beautiful but also very innocent. Likewise, Jamie Dornan is able to bring the character of Christian to life, who always looks mysterious and seems full of riddles.

The chemistry between the two, who are described as a couple, can be said to be quite good. Even the combined efforts of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan as actors in carrying out quite a lot of sensual scenes in this film deserve appreciation. Coupled with the soundtracks of popular love songs, sometimes the two of them also make the audience feel emotional too.

Fifty Shades of Gray is only the beginning of the story.

The storyline of the film Fifty Shades of Gray is indeed quite tense at the end. As spectators, we don’t know how Christian and Ana’s relationship will end.

But you don’t need to disappointed with this. The end of the film Fifty Shades of Gray still feels cliffhanger-y because this is just the beginning of Christian and Ana’s love story.

Fifty Shades of Gray is part of the Fifty Shades film trilogy, and after this film there are still two follow-up films that will tell the continuation of Christian and Ana’s love story. Therefore, the storyline and the conflicts in this first film do not feel too deep and seem as if they are still in the exposition stage.

So for those of you who are curious about the continuation of Ana and Christian’s story, you can continue watching the next two sequels, OK?

That is the review and synopsis of the film Fifty Shades of Grey, which tells the story of the beginning of the love story of Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele. Have Christian and Ana made you feel uncomfortable in this first film? Try to share your opinion about this film in the comments column, OK?

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