Review & Synopsis of the Film Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)

Synopsis of the Film Maleficent – Maleficent an evil witch in the film Sleeping Beauty which produced by Walt Disney Pictures in 1959. This antagonist character, known as the bearer of the spinning needle curse, indeed iconic enough to be worthy of made into a big screen film.

Well, after successfully grabbing the attention of the audience in 2014. Disney is releasing another sequel to Maleficent, entitled Maleficent: Mistress of Evil in 2019. Has this film directed by Joachim Ronning succeeded in attracting the attention of the audience with its latest concoction?

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Synopsis of the Film Maleficent

The story of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil begins when Aurora (Elle Fanning) tries to married to Prince Philip (Harris Dickinson). Maleficent (Angelina Jolie), who is known to really hate humans apart from Aurora, is also very opposed to the marriage that the two of them will carry out.

According to him, love does not always have to end in marriage. This difference in views ultimately gave rise to heated conflict between them. The problem becomes more complicated when the figure of Queen Ingrith (Michelle Pfeiffer), who is none other than Prince Philip’s mother, appears in their midst.

The Queen, who has a past grudge against the fairy people who live on the Moors, tries to take advantage of the tension that occurring between Maleficent and Aurora to break the peace that has been created between humans and the fairy people with a big war between the two peoples.

Exploration of Disney’s “Mistress of Evil” Maleficent

The return of the fairy witch to the big screen has really attracted the attention of the audience, especially fans of Disney films. The appearance of Maleficent with a new perspective has indeed received quite a variety of responses from the audience.

For some diehard fans of Disney stories, the newest Maleficent character considered deviant and different from the original version. However, the public’s enthusiasm for the new Maleficent figure also received quite a good response.

For some people, the changes in the storyline and characters in the film Maleficent considered natural, considering that the main character who is the highlight in this film has shifted from the sleeping beauty to the figure of a witch fairy.

Disney’s creativity in presenting old stories with new, fresher ideas must well appreciated. Remembering that old stories then adapted to more realistic, colorful and able to present interesting surprises that the audience expects. That’s what the audience feels in this film.

Problems are more complex than before

Following the success of the first film, Mistress of Evil has also succeeded in becoming a world box office film in 2019. With global revenues reaching $758 million USD. This film, which cost almost $180 million USD to produce, succeeded in shifting the position of the film Joker, which entrenched at the top of the world box office.

Beyond amazing accomplishments. Mistress of Evil herself still enjoys presenting the conflict between humans and fairies who live on the Moors. For some people, this is quite boring. Although in fact the problem that is trying to developed in Mistress of Evil is much more complex than the storyline in the previous film.

The appearance of new characters in this film also makes the tension of the film even more interesting. Even though the motivation for its appearance itself considered not very important, at first glance it can seen as an attempt by the director to make the problem more complex.

Synopsis of the Film Maleficent: Stunning Visuals Typical of Disney

It is no secret that Disney often amazes audiences with the cinematography of each of his works. Disney succeeded in bringing the audience’s imagination into the storyline through the setting and unique characters that appear in this film.

This is also reinforced by very subtle special effects that make the audience even more spoiled with the visuals until the end of the film. Even though the aesthetics displayed look perfect, they are not without flaws.

Apart from that, Mistress of Evil has a much more developed story plot and much better execution than the first film. With various responses emerging to this film. Disney itself has been quite successful in turning the story of Mistress of Evil into a very entertaining show for families.

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