Rise of the Guardians Review: Exciting Adventures of the Legends

Rise of the Guardians Review. It’s fair to say the originality of the line-up isn’t DreamWorks’ strong point, it seems. After combining fairytale characters into the Shrek franchise, DreamWorks now collects a series of important figures that adorn various holiday seasons and important events in children’s lives. From Santa Claus, the Christmas icon, to the Easter Bunny, the Easter icon, to the Tooth Fairy, who exchanges a child’s lost baby teeth for coins, to the Sandman, who gives sweet dreams, everything is present in this film. However, the focus of this film Jack Frost, a character whose existence is the least known.

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Rise of the Guardians Review : The unexpected hero

Sandman’s task of knitting beautiful dreams for all children in the world is hindered by the presence of Boogeyman, known as Pitch (Jude Law). The beautiful dreams that Sandman developed turned one by one into nightmares. This was done by Pitch to put his name in the minds of every child and provoke their fear in order to achieve the recognition he had always wanted.

Unmitigated, Pitch declared his presence to Santa Claus, who fondly called North (Alec Baldwin). North rushed to call her friends, fellow guardians, to sort things out. The Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher), Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman), Sandman, and North gather. In the midst of a heated discussion among the four guardians, the moon gives a hint about a guardian who can help them deal with Pitch. The guardian is Jack Frost (Chris Pine), whose role as child caretaker is still in doubt.

Behind her struggle with the guardians, Frost has the same desire as Pitch, namely to gain recognition from the world’s children, something she has never felt in her life. At the same time, Pitch ravages Tooth’s base and wipes out the Guardians one by one from the minds of the world’s children. What are the actions of the guardians in maintaining their existence and the dreams of all children in the world?

Full of high-speed, exciting action.

Rise of the Guardians is a film adaptation of the novel series The Guardians of Childhood by William Joyce. It is undeniable that the story plot raised in the film has a strong appeal for children, especially those who are familiar with Western fairy tales. Merging the characters of Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, Jack Frost, and Boogeyman promises to be an attractive spectacle.

In terms of animation, of course, DreamWorks’ capabilities don’t need to doubted. The smooth design of each character coupled with stunning high-speed action, resulting in a spectacle that spoils the eye. Several times, the characters involved in scenes flying through the sky and the intricacies of the city at high speed. This scene provokes my memory of the thrill of Spider-Man’s actions when he walks through New York using his web.

Bringing in top-class actors

A brand new animation is perfect when coupled with the right voice talent. This is where DreamWorks shows its prowess again. They succeeded in bringing top-class actors to become voice actors in this film. Jackman’s Australian accent combined with the shape of an Easter Bunny that resembles a kangaroo to make a joke that manages to elicit laughter from the audience. Law’s intonation in voicing Pitch was so cold and reminded me of Loki’s vicious expression from The Avengers. Not only Jackman and Law, who appear excellent in this film. Other actors and actresses also managed to voice the characters perfectly. However, one thing that I noticed is that Pine’s laughter every time Frost acts is annoying.

Another interesting character in this film is the Sandman. If you notice, I didn’t include the name of the character’s voice actor. That’s because Sandman said to voiceless in this film. The spherical character wrapped in a sparkling gold color speaks using signs and symbols.

Rise of the Guardians Review : Lots of jokes

Even though it tells a completely different story, Rise of the Guardians can said to be in the same class as Wreck-It Ralph. It’s just that Rise of the Guardians emphasizes exciting actions and entertaining jokes, while Wreck-It Ralph tells an inspiring and heartwarming story in colorful nuances. However, the advantages of this film only really felt when you pay attention to its 3D effects. Compared to Wreck-It Ralph and Hotel Transylvania, Rise of the Guardians is the most appropriate to watch in 3D format, especially for the high-speed chases and battles, which are quite epic.

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