Review and Cast of Ghost Town Movie 2008, With Ricky Gervais !

Ghost Town Movie Cast. Why do I find Ricky Gervais in “Ghost Town” to be so funny? He doesn’t want to come out as hilarious, so. He’s trying to come off angry. He portrays Bertram Pincus, a man who does not take fools well. That can be a difficult cross to carry when you believe that everyone is an idiot. Gervais, a British actor with a long history in television, has finally landed a strong leading part in a movie.

Bertram Pincus is not having a good day. As a dentist, he takes great pleasure in keeping patients from speaking with him. He is alone, without friends, a loner, meticulous, obtuse, and occasionally absurd. In his office, a birthday cake is set out for a nice coworker, and he leaves early. It would make his skin crawl to participate in the celebration. He treats innocent bystanders badly.

He speaks with a British accent, nearly gritting his teeth, and reminds me a little of Terry-Thomas in full flood: an unabashed border veiled in formality. His moat is going to be overrun. A bus knocks down Greg Kinnear’s character Frank Herlihy, initiating this assault. Bertram’s colonoscopy turns out to be connected to Frank’s demise. As you might expect, Bertram is a man who views a colonoscopy as a grave invasion of his privacy.

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Town Ghost Movie Cast and Synopsis

Throughout the surgery, Bertram was declared legally dead for seven minutes. This is a microscopically rare phenomena, so don’t put off yours. After he recovers, he will be sort of half-dead and half-alive, and as a result, he will be able to see both living individuals and ghosts. As a result, the ghosts desperately require him as a medium in order to speak with their loved ones. Frank, a ghost who had an affair with his yoga instructor but now regrets it greatly, is the most desperate one he encounters. He wants to speak with his wife Gwen (Tea Leoni), who is also a ghost.

Don’t worry about the plot elements, which develop in a more-or-less predictable manner. Instead, pay attention to Tea Leoni, who is endearing down to her toe nails, and Frank, who is destined to spend his life (or end it) feeling guilty and depressed. When a stranger approaches Bertram, he shudders. Ghosts cause him much greater discomfort. And because he is the last man on earth to be drawn to or attract Gwen, it is only natural that they fall in love, which causes Frank unimaginable frustration.

Town Ghost Movie Cast and Synopsis

The performances in “Ghost Town” enhance a mediocre rom-com. It serves as a reminder that actors who play humorous roles are frequently funnier than stand-up comedians. Think of Cary Grant in “Topper” (1937), which was undoubtedly David Koepp’s source of inspiration when he co-wrote and directed “Ghost Town” with John Kamps. This material briefly becomes entrancing because Tea Leoni has a natural grace and sense of humor, and because both Gervais and Kinnear seem so desperate in their ambitions.

Yes, the plot must have some characters who live happily ever after, and this necessitates some clichéd dialogue. It must be expected, I suppose. A subplot with Dana Ivey as a mother who wants to contact with her daughters—and actually, a large group of ghosts yearning to communicate with the afterlife—has poignancy. We have this reassuring image of our departed loved ones looking down on us kindly from above. They must be screaming in agony right now because they can clearly see us.

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