Shazam Fury of the Gods review and synopsis – Shazam Fury of the Gods review. Disliked by the townspeople and ridiculed for their superhero actions, the Shazam family must face three Atlas daughters who seek revenge on humanity.

One by one, they lost their superpowers and left only Billy alone. With all the power he has, Billy must be able to defeat the power of the gods.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods a DC Comics superhero film directed by David F. Sandberg and released by Warner Bros. Pictures on March 17, 2023. Is a sequel to the film Shazam! (2019) and the 12th film of the DC Extended Universe. This film still stars the same cast with the addition of three popular actresses as antagonists.

Being in the transition to the new DC Universe, the presence of the character Shazam further determined by the success of this film. Has this film succeeded in meeting the expectations of audiences, critics, and James Gunn as CEO of DC Studios?

Shazam Fury of the Gods Review

Shazam Fury of the Gods review and synopsis

Shazam and his five half brothers perform many rescue actions in the city where they live. But unfortunately, they only get ridicule from the public through negative reporting in various media.

They saved many residents when the disaster on the big bridge occurred, but failed to stop the collapse of the bridge. The media only displays slanted coverage of this incident, which illustrates that their actions only destroy bridges. As a result, the reputation of the Shazam family tarnished.

When Shazam about to evaluate their actions, his five brothers turned out to uninterested, especially Freddy Freeman.

Not being able to build team cohesion, Shazam considered to want too much power and control, even though each of them has serious personal problems as well. During a dream meeting with Wonder Woman, Shazam the Witch appears and informs her that great danger is approaching.

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Billy gathered all his brothers and informed them of all this, except for Freddy, who was not present. Freddy is close to a new student named Anne, who takes an interest in him.

What Freddy didn’t know was that Anne was one of Atlas’s three daughters. They wanted to avenge Atlas’s death by seizing the wand that Shazam the Witch had forced Shazam to repair.

Shazam fights the three daughters of Atlas

Shazam Fury of the Gods review and synopsis

The Shazam that came couldn’t stop the actions of Hespera, Kalypso, and Anthea. Moreover, Freddy has lost his super strength because he sucked in by the stick. Part of the city covered in an impenetrable magic dome.

When they are confused about the best way to save Freddy, Pedro takes them to the secret library inside the Rock of Eternity. There they met an avid penman, Steven. They wrote to Hespera in exchange for an entrapment plan.

Shazam and Hespera meet. While talking, suddenly the four Shazam brothers came and fought Hespera. Kalypso was also present and joined the fight.

Pedro’s superpowers are lost due to the magic from the stick, but they manage to kidnap Hespera and hold her behind the bars of the Rock of Eternity. But they don’t realize that all of this is just Hespera’s trick. Hespera manages to steal an apple-like fruit called a “seed” to complete their mission.

Freddy meets Shazam the Witch in prison, where Kalypso uses his magic to find out the identities of his five brothers.

Freddy and Shazam the Witch got Anthea’s help to escape from the place when they came face-to-face with a giant wooden dragon.

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The giant wooden dragon Shazam appears

Freddy and Shazam the Wizard find a door that will allow them to return to the Rock of Eternity. But alas, the dragon followed them and did great damage. In this event, Darla and Eugene lost their superpowers as well.

The three daughters of Atlas sow seeds in the city, which soon spawn a large tree, wild plants, and various mythological creatures that wreak havoc throughout the city. Hespera and Anthea do not agree with the destruction of this earth, even though they also have the same grudge that felt by Kalypso.

Hespera stabbed by the tail of the giant dragon who obeyed Kalypso, and Anthea lost her divine powers after being hit by a magical shot from the staff.

The townspeople were evacuated, but Shazam and Mary were still fighting the dragon, which then made Mary lose her super powers.

Now only Shazam remains. He alone must face the god-level magic power of Kalypso and the giant dragon pet.

Spectacular Action Scenes with Immaculate Visuals

Shazam Fury of the Gods review and synopsis

The battle between these two families worked out very nicely, from the battle choreography to the polished visual effects that made their actions feel real.

Maybe shooting with witchcraft seems ordinary, and we have often seen various damage to city buildings in other films, but there is something new that is quite surprising to us. Anthea’s depiction of Axis powers is such a novelty.

Anthea is able to manipulate various objects, including buildings, to move quickly and in complex ways that are sure to confuse her opponents. Shazam thrown away when he about to pass through the gaps in the building that were being moved by Anthea.

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Although it was able to trick Kalypso’s pet dragon into chasing Freddy and Shazam the Witch, this power failed to save him from the magic shots that came from the staff. As a result, Anthea’s divine power lost, making her an ordinary human.

Not only against the three daughters of Atlas, the struggle of the Shazam family is even more exciting and tense when various kinds of mythological creatures emerge from seeds planted by Kalypso.

The depiction of these grisly creatures is immaculate, especially the blend with the humans and the scene that brings the action scenes to life.

The unique depiction of the unicorn also featured in this 2-hour and 10-minute film. If unicorns are usually described as cute little horses, in this film, they are the most ferocious mythological creatures and are feared by other creatures.

Even so, with lots of candy sprinkles, Darla finally managed to tame this unicorn and let it attack other mythological creatures.