Review Big Hero 6: the Challenge of a Rebellious Smart Teenager

Review Big Hero 6 tells the story of a teenage genius named Hiro Hamada who likes to make robots and lives in the imaginary portmanteau city of San Francisco (a combination of San Francisco and Tokyo). He channeled his robotic skills into an illegal robot fighting arena and initially insulted the world of college that his older brother (Tadashi) lived in.

But Hiro’s views changed after Tadashi took him to the campus lab and got acquainted with his older brother’s friends, who were doing various amazing experiments about the use of science and technology. Tadashi introduces Baymax, his inflatable robot, which functions like an intelligent nurse, serving the health of his patients. Especially in that lab, Hiro met Prof. Callaghan, the head of the lab, who is highly respected in the robotics world because of his work.

review big hero 6

In order to be accepted as a student, Hiro takes part in a creation tournament by creating mentally controlled microbots, which can combine into any shape the mind imagines. But the tournament broke her heart. Although Hira’s microbot work greeted with great fanfare, he lost his brother, Tadashi, who died in an explosion in the exhibition hall.

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Choices challenge adolescent life.

Even though it is a children’s film, Big Hero 6 is still interesting for adults to watch. I really enjoyed watching Hiro, Baymax, and friends in action from start to finish. The entertainment element is strong. The storyline of the film is quite complex and evocative of emotion, telling about the life of a teenager (Hiro Hamada) with its existential challenges. Also, moral dilemmas beautifully packaged without lectures or patronizing styles.

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The first thing that made me like Big Hero 6 from the first minute was the quality of the animation. In my opinion, the execution details are very cool, the characters look very realistic in their movements, and the setting and lighting look very serious.

review big hero 6

The second thing that is interesting is the plot of the story. Since the beginning, the story plot has been fast, full of surprises, but still with a very strong sense of humor. This storytelling style continues throughout the film and makes it accessible to audiences with a wide age range, from children to adults.

The third thing that interests me the substance or moral message of the story, which delivered in a beautiful and subtle way, not through conversation but through the setting of the story. There are several moral dilemmas that are actually heavy, but in my opinion, they can presented in a light way without losing their substance. In my opinion, this moral message is still very relevant to the adult world. This is very cool!

Review Big Hero 6

  • The life of a teenager who needs a healthy challenge and how Tadashi “taught” his little brother
  • How Hiro deals with grief or the loss of a loved one.
  • Evil can come from grief, hurt, and revenge. Here, what is interesting is the experience of the two characters, who experience the same loss but have different ways of responding, making them on two opposite sides: good and evil.
  • Solving crimes, not by anger and revenge. A hero does not follow his anger and revenge. Hiro is compassionate, even though he remains firm in catching the criminals.
review big hero 6

Here we can learn a lot about moral dilemmas and emotional struggles, which actually quite complicated. A criminal is not someone who is born evil, but may be because he takes revenge and anger. Heroes are also not born as heroes, but people who respond to problems correctly throughout their life’s journey.

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One strong message that I also feel strongly about in this film is the promotion of the cool world of science and robotics. Being a geek is not only okay but a cool thing because geeks can make cool new things. Heroes are not only strong people or have supernatural abilities; they can also be geeks who are good at creating cool things with their creativity and intelligence.