Sinopsis Film 500 Days of Summer, Deadly Obsession !

Want to know the most realistic love story ever in a movie? The answer is in 500 Days of Summer. The film, which stars Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, does indeed describe the romance between the main characters. But there is a more important lesson than just their love story.

Directed by Marc Webb, this film became one of the most successful and successful independent rom-com films. From a budget of only 7.5 million dollars, this film was able to exceed expectations by achieving multiple times the profit, up to 60 million dollars.

So what makes this film so interesting? Check out the review below!

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Synopsis 500 Days of Summer

Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon Levitt) is a writer at a greeting card printing company. His life is somewhat monotonous. In fact, he never really liked his job. Tom wanted to be an architect more.

One day, his office has a new employee named Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel), an attractive, sweet, and friendly woman. Almost all employees in Tom’s office are interested in Summer, except for Tom. When there is a karaoke event with all office employees, Tom talks with Summer about love. Tom reveals that he believes in love.

In contrast to Summer, Summer actually did not believe in it. Through the conversation, McKenzie saw that Tom was actually interested in Summer. But Tom refused. He didn’t feel like Summer. Until finally, one day they passed each other in the elevator. Suddenly, Summer chuckled at Tom who was listening to The Smiths through his headphones.

Tom Starts to Like Summer

That’s when Tom started liking Summer. He also started trying to get Summer’s attention by repeatedly playing The Smiths’ music loudly for Summer to hear. Gradually, Summer became interested and they started chatting. Summer finds something interesting about Tom.

But according to his opinion at the karaoke place, Summer sticks to his principles. He doesn’t believe in marriage. Because of that he refused to have any further contact with Tom. Summer just wants to be friends without any dating labels while Tom wants to make their relationship official.

They then underwent a relationship without status for months. Like couples who are dating, they go on dates, watch movies, eat together, even have sex. Tom certainly expects a lot from their relationship. Especially after Summer revealed something that she called “never disclosed to other people”. Tom began to hope and want to make their relationship official. But Summer remained in his stance. This is what sparked the conflict between them.

Gradually, Summer’s attitude towards Tom began to change. He is no longer as interested as before. Unexpectedly, at the end of the story, Summer even gets married. But not with Tom, but with the man of her choice.

500 Days of Summer: The Reality of Love Is Not Always Beautiful

If you are one of those people who think that a love film must have a happy ending with the main character getting married, you might be disappointed with the plot of this film. You may also feel strange and annoyed with Summer’s figure.

Indeed, Summer’s attitude which seemed indifferent and strange because she ‘thrown away’ Tom who had been very good to her was confusing. Summer’s character might be considered as the villain character in this film. In fact, the real Villain is Tom. This is because Tom forced his fantasy on Summer who clearly expressed her anxiety in being in a relationship.

Tom feels that he can win Summer’s heart by doing whatever Summer likes. But what Tom didn’t realize was, no matter how much Tom tried, Tom couldn’t force his feelings on Summer because Summer only liked him, not loved him.

Summer actually has her own expectations about love. Even though she liked the kind Tom. But she didn’t feel Tom was the right person. This kind of reality sometimes happens in the real world, but it’s hard to accept.

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