Aliens in The Attic: Cast, Synopsis, and Review !

Aliens in The Attic – Initially, Stuart Pearson (Kevin Nealon) and his wife, Nina (Gillian Vigman) just wanted to spend the holidays with their children at a vacation home. Unfortunately, there is something that Stuart and Nina did not expect. Their vacation home has inhabited by a group of creatures from another planet.


Robert Hoffman, Ashley Tisdale, Carter Jenkins, Gillian Vigman, Josh Peck, Henri Young, Regan Young, Tim Meadows, Austin Butler, Ashley Boettcher, Kevin Nealon, Andy Richter, Doris Roberts, Malese Jow

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Four aliens named Skip, Assassin, Razor, and Sparks who came first inhabit the top floor of the Pearson family vacation home in Maine. No one knew that there were ‘migrants’ from other planets until Tom Pearson (Carter Jenkins), Jake (Austin Butler) and other children discovered this group of aliens.

Alien’s Evil Plan

Although one of the aliens shows friendship, the other has an evil plan that threatens the safety of the Pearson family. Fortunately, Tom and Jake realize that the aliens’ weapons have no effect on small children and now it is the children’s job to save their parents and all the inhabitants of the earth from the deadly threat of these ‘guests’ from another world.

Generic. That is the first impression that captured from the story of this film. How could it not be, there is not a single part of this film’s story that can said to be new. The story offered by director John Schultz from a script by Mark Burton and Adam F. Goldberg can said to be exactly the same as other stories about the arrival of creatures from another planet who intend to take over the earth.

Reviews Aliens in The Attic

Without trying to make this old idea into something fresh, the target of marketing this film as a family film is clearly difficult to fulfill. For children, perhaps the story offered will not be a problem, but for those who grew up with similar stories, it is clear that this film will be very boring.

What’s worse, the script is made so simple that there is no possibility for the actors and actresses to delve further into the characters they play. Even if the acting of the supporters seems mediocre, it might not be entirely their fault either. But apart from that, the supporters of this film were still able to appear quite convincing.

So, the only thing left behind is the special effects and unfortunately this part is not able to make this film something enjoyable to watch. It is not surprising that 20th Century Fox, as the distributor of this film, decided not to make a screening for this film. Obviously they were afraid that the critics would completely slaughter this film and their chances of returning their initial capital would be wiped out.

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