Storyline Red Dragon (2002): Hunt for a Sadistic Psychopath !

Storyline Red Dragon – Consider the storyline of Red Dragon (2002), a film that tells of the hunt for a sadistic psychopath by an FBI agent who is assisted by a mad doctor. Apparently, Red Dragon, which was released in 2002, was a prequel to the previous legendary film, Silence of the Lambs.

So, what is the storyline like? This is the storyline of Red Dragon (2002), quoting from the Project 13 YouTube channel.

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Storyline Red Dragon – Prologue

This film begins with the appearance of a doctor and psychologist named Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), who is enjoying a live music event at an opera. After he finished entertaining his friends’ dinner, Hannibal had guests, namely an FBI member named Will Graham (Edward Norton). Will wants to consult with Hannibal about the case of a murderer and human organ thief who still being pursued.

Storyline Red Dragon

From there, Will concluded that the killer’s motive not to take the victim’s organs to used as souvenirs but to eaten by the killer immediately. Even worse, the internal organs of the victim who found missing tend to used as food ingredients, namely the liver, kidneys, tongue, and spleen.

However, this conclusion is only Will’s guesswork and has yet to proven correct. After the chat was over, Will, who was waiting for Hannibal, took a jacket in the living room and then looked at Dr. Hannibal’s antiques. Hannibal. At that time, Will accidentally finds an antique book called Larousse Gastronomique.

Storyline Red Dragon

Surprisingly, in the middle of the page there are the words “Ris de veau”, or a recipe made from liver, kidney, tongue, and spleen. The materials were exactly the same as the internal organs of the victims.

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When Will realized what he had just said, suddenly, from behind, Hannibal stabbed him sadistically. When he was about to finish him off, Will stabbed Hannibal in the back with a bow and then shot Dr. Hannibal to death. After the incident, news of Dr. Hannibal also made headlines in many newspapers. Dr. Hannibal sentenced to life imprisonment. Meanwhile, Will chose to resign as a member of the FBI.

Start a new life.

Several years later, Will and his little family began to live a normal life. But on that day, Will’s former partner, Agent Crafford, suddenly comes to ask for help in solving a serial murder case that is terrorizing the city of Birmingham.

Storyline Red Dragon

At first, Will refused, but when he saw the photos of the victims, which were very worrying, he inevitably agreed to the offer.

After Will analyzes the crime scenes, he concludes that the killer committed the crime on a full moon night by injuring the victim’s neck, followed by shooting while the victim was fast asleep. According to Will, the perpetrator even deliberately left traces of the murder by placing broken glass in the family’s eyelids, including bite marks on the victim’s body.

Feeling the need for help, Will finally contacted Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the man who had stabbed him several years ago, at a mental hospital. Will the two of them be able to unravel the serial murder case? Why did Hannibal agree to help Will’s agent? Is there another motivation behind his intention?