Synopsis and Cast of We Have A Ghost -Synopsis We Have A Ghost is a horror-comedy genre film that is suitable for timid people to watch. This trending film on Netflix is a film directed by Christopher Landon.

The story of the film starring David Harbor is adapted from the 2017 short story entitled ‘Ernest‘ by Geoff Manaugh. The film was released on 24 February 2023, and has received mixed reviews from film critics.

Synopsis We Have A Ghost

Synopsis We Have A Ghost

We Have A Ghost chronicles the experience of finding a male ghost named Ernest, which causes Kevin’s family to become a social media sensation. Kevin, who has the ability to see ghosts, often sees ghosts in his new home.

Although he often appears, fortunately the ghost doesn’t disturb Kevin and his family. Because of his ability, Kevin finally knows the name of the ghost is Ernest.

Although the motive is not yet known, Kevin’s family has started to experience various strange things since Ernest’s ghost appeared. One of them was when this family suddenly went viral on social media.

Synopsis We Have A Ghost

Finally, they were asked to investigate Ernest’s past, which actually made them targets of the CIA. Will the investigation conducted by Kevin’s family be successful?

The Cast of We Have A Ghost

We Have A Ghost presents horror stories wrapped in comedy scenes and stars a number of well-known actors. One of them is Jahi Di’Allo Winston, who plays Kevin Presley

Meanwhile, the ghost, Ernest, is played by David Harbor. Another star is Anthony Mackey as Kevin’s father, Frank Presley. There is also the character Melanie Presley, played by Erica AshAsh, and Niles Fitch as Fulton Presley. .

Synopsis We Have A Ghost

Apart from Ernest and the Kevin family, the film We Have a Ghost is also enlivened by Isabella Russo, Tig Nitaro, Tom Bower, and Jennifer Coolidge.