Superman & Lois The Fall of Superman

In the first episode of Superman & Lois, Superman is uprooted and defeated by a man dressed in a robot called Captain Luthor. Superman is impaled with kryptonite and ends up falling from space after a duel with someone covered in robotic-like armor.

The promo teaser that was given in the first episode of Superman & Lois was very exciting and thrilling. Usually a superhero will be very strong and powerful, but this time it’s a little different. There are other touches in this film.

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Superman and Lois become parents

In the Superman & Lois series, they both become the parents of twins Jonathan and Jordan. The teenager is an emotionally unstable teenager. The main problem given in the film Superman & Lois is not only related to fighting foreign enemies, but also about the domestic life of Lois and Clark, who have household dynamics in general.

Jonathan is a popular teenager at school, cares for his twins and sometimes his emotions are overflowing. Meanwhile, his twin brother named Jordan has an unstable mentality. Jordan is often insecure, often the subject of ridicule by his friends. But behind a weak mentality, he kept something big. He has some powers just like his father. Strong power and has the power of laser beams to attack. But that power still can’t be controlled and it’s not as big as Superman.

New enemy in Superman

If Superman’s archenemy is Luthor, it isn’t this time. Superman must face alone with his half-brother who has only been known so far. The earth name of Superman’s brother is Morgan Edge.

Morgan Edge is a successful businessman in various fields. One of the businesses that has been asking questions is about her investment in Smallvile, which Lois finds very odd. Why is a small town like Smallville the target of a Morgan Edge businessman. It turns out that Edge has bad intentions regarding his investment in Smallville, one of which is because it is where there is a rare kryptonite mine and is targeting people who have lived in Smallville to become an army and revive the people of planet Krypton.

But efforts to revive the planet Kryptone must be ended because Superman does not agree. Morgan Edge will scorch the earth to revive Krypton. This, of course, was opposed by Superman, who in the end had to be crushed by Superman.

Another enemy: Humans clad in robot armor

There is a new Superman enemy that appears to earth. He is a warrior from another planet who accidentally appears on earth and plans to kill Superman with kryptonite. He really hates Superman because his wife (Lois-another universe) was killed by Superman, that’s why he really hates him.

1. Cast Supermen & Lois

Superman is still starring Tyler Hoechlin and Lois is played by Elizabeth Tulloch. Prior to appearing in Superman & Lois, they guest starred in the film Supergirl.

2. Continuation of Suparman & Lois season 2

Because Superman & Lois season 1 was so successful, many wanted a second series to appear. Even though the initial appearance was delayed due to covid19, this did not stop the next film from being shot.

3. Hope in the new Superman & Lois story

For the new Superman & Lois story later, I want to know the continuation of the development of Jordan and Jonathan’s growing strengths. Lois and her journalist work. Do you continue on the daily planet or gazette. It would be really fun to find out. The appearance of Luthor in the Superman & Lois film will be highly anticipated because Superman and Luthor are sworn enemies who are always fun to watch.

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